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Stolen Art   Art News

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OSLO, May 2 — Three of six men charged in the 2004 theft of Edvard Munch's paintings "The Scream" and "Madonna" were declared guilty today in Oslo District Court and sentenced to prison terms of four to eight years. Two of the convicted men were also ordered to repay the city of Oslo $121 million, the combined insured value of the paintings, which remain missing.

Prosecutors said they were satisfied by the trial's outcome and suggested that the financial pressure might persuade one of the convicted men to reveal the whereabouts of the 19th-century Expressionist paintings, which are among Norway's greatest cultural treasures.


Three others were acquitted, and the paintings still haven't been found.

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One of the Klimt paintings mentioned in the above story has just taken the record for the highest price ever paid for a painting - $135 million.
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LONDON, Aug. 17 (UPI) -- A priceless headdress from the Peruvian Mochica civilization, probably looted from a tomb in 1988, was recovered in a sting by Britain's Scotland Yard.

A smuggler was lured to England by Michael Van Rijn, a former illegal art dealer, who said he wanted to buy the artifact made in A.D. 700, the Times of London reported.

Scotland Yard took possession of the headdress, then contacted Peruvian authorities to repatriate it. The artwork depicts a sea god with cat-like features and tentacles.



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Those Birts have been busy, one sting after the other.

Glad this one paid off.

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Yay! The Scream has been recovered. Damaged, but intact.

Stolen Norwegian paintings 'The Scream' and 'The Madonna' have suffered less damage than was originally feared, museum experts say.

"The condition is much better than we might have expected," said Ingebjoerg Ydstie, the director of the Munch Museum where the paintings were stolen.

She said 'The Scream' had been banged hard in one corner, and that 'Madonna' had a roughly 2.5 centimeter (one inch) hole and some loose paint.

"But our skilled conservators will be able to repair the damage," she said.

After police recovered the paintings this earlier week, it was reported that the two masterpieces had been badly damanged.

Daylight robbery

The two paintings were yanked from the walls of the Munch Museum in Oslo by two masked gunmen in broadlight. They escaped in a car driven by another man, leaving tourists visiting the museum terrified by the ordeal.


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I'm not inclined to believe this claim.

NEW YORK: A descendant of former owners of a Picasso painting with a controversial Nazi-era history sued in New York state court to recover the canvas after Christie's auction house officials said they had withdrawn it from sale.

Christie's and the London-based Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber Art Foundation said Wednesday that "with great reluctance" they were withdrawing "the magnificent Blue Period 'Portrait de Angel Fernandez de Soto'" from the sale of impressionist and modern art.

"The joint decision was the result of eleventh-hour claims — claims that Christie's and the foundation believe to have no merit — about title to the picture," they said in a statement.



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Two Picasso paintings with a combined value of 50 million euros (£33.7m) have been stolen from his granddaughter's home in Paris.


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BERLIN — Thieves stole works by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and others from a Berlin gallery over the New Year's holiday, police said Friday.

More than 30 works _ worth an estimated �180,000 ($250,000) _ were stolen, apparently between Wednesday afternoon and lunchtime Thursday, police spokeswoman Claudia Schweiger said. The artwork was taking from the Fasanengalerie, a private gallery near western Berlin's central shopping district.

The etchings, prints and sculptures included "Profil au fond noir," a 1947 work by Picasso; "Nude in a rocking chair," a Matisse print from 1913; and "Le Boupeut," a 1962 color print by Georges Braque.

Huffington Post

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A lone thief broke into a Paris museum last night and stole five paintings worth €500m (£430m) including masterpieces by Pablo Picasso andHenri Matisse, French police said today.

A police spokesman said works by Picasso, Matisse, George Braque, Amedeo Modigliani and Fernand Léger were reported missing early this morning from the Paris Museum of Modern Art.


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BreakingNews Thieves steal 5 pictures, including a Picasso, in France just two days after $124 million museum heist