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Today's Subject: What is a Christian required to believe?

You can find in our "Miscellaneous and other stuff" folder a discussion I had yesterday with ButchG, now also known as ButchKing.  I have had discussions with Butch many times in the past.  In the past few years I  have said that if I say "white" Butch says "black" and if I say " black, he says "white". 

A few weeks ago Zerich and I discovered that Butch argued so much with a good member of another Christian forum on Delphi that the man left saying "I won't be back!".  Zerich and I could see that happening here and we decided to rescind Butch's posting priviliges here. Butch came here yesterday asking if he no longer has posting privileges  and we informed him that his posting privileges had been rescinded. and as I said, that conversation can be read in our "Misc. and other stuff" folder".

However, I have had some additional thoughts that I feel are important, that I want to share with you today.  

Butch said yesterday:  "I merely point out what i perceive as error,"  

So what is error?  A big part of Butch's problems is that he does not correctly understand what is an "error" and what  a Christian is required to believe.  

Butch seems to think that everyone who claims sto be a Christian must believe everything in Scripture exactly as Butch believes it. But that is not true. We can believe many things differently and still be a "saved Christian".  We don't have to agree about everything in the Bible! 

When we become a "believer" we develop a  thirst for God's word (The Bible) and it helps us to better  understand God, and what He wants of us, and what is going to happen.

There are many denominations in the world that teach many different things, but the only thing the Bible says  that we must believe is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and He died on the cross in our place,  as atonement for our sins. That is all we are required to believe,  to  be a "Christian"!  

Christians hold various interpretations of many things in the Bible but we are not required to to hold the same interpretations of every scripture. 

Most of us want to teach what we believe and we teach our own interpretations, and many times the other person will learn from us and agree with us. But sometimes they don't agree with us  and that does not mean that they are not a Christian!  And we should not harrass them or try to force them to believe the way we do.  And that is what Butch does not understand!  

Butch needs to understand that what is error to him may not be error to someone else. He made the statement that you cannot force Biblical truth onto others and that must come from the Holy Spirit - which is true, and therefore he should let the Holy Spirit work in His own time and stop arguing with people! 

I watched all of Billy Graham's funeral and it was wonderful.  At one point somebody was talking about Billy Graham's visit with the Pope and how they came out saying "We are brothers"!  I was impressed that the Pope didn't try to convert Billy Graham, nor did Billy Graham talk to the Pope about his "error" - instead they focused on the faith that they both shared, which made them "brothers". And THAT is what we should be doing!.   

So I was not impressed with Butch's reference to "error"  He needs to understand that everyone does not have to believe every sentence of the Bible the same! 

The moral of this message is that we need to sop making mountains out of molehills, and stop looking for the error of other people - but remember that- "We  are brothers" regardless if we interpret some things in the Bible differently."

We don't like people who go from "forum to forum" just looking for some error to pounce on. Where did Jesus say to "Go forth and point out everybody's error and make them change it.?   

Rather, let's worry about the plank that is in our own eye!  This is not a contest. We are not here to make others believe every Scripture the same way that we do. We are here to encourage people to come back and join our conversations so we can learn from each other.

I have a friend here on Delphi, "Another Paul" who is a Jehovah Witness - a group which I believe is in error, but I have greatly  enjoyed my friendship with Another Paul because he is a good person, very Biblically astute, and a person I've had many nice discussions with.  And we don't have to believe everything exactly the same in order for me to consider him to be a friend. It has been so long since I have seen him I am beginning to worry if he is okay.  

I don't care if Butch disagrees with me in anything I have said here. And I don't care if he thinks anything I have said here is an "error" that he needs to fix. I don't need his approval or the approval of anyone else. The only thing we have to believe is that Jesus is the Son of God who came to earth and died on the cross in our place, offering Himself as the atonement of our sins.

As for the rest I say, "worry about your own errors!"  


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