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From: Paula (PaulaS44) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host4/16/18 10:44 AM 
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No matter how some people try to redefine things, Israel and the Church are separate entities in God’s view, and were never intended to become one entity.  Comparing the two we can see that each has a different origin, a unique purpose, and a separate destiny.The Church believes the Gospel -Israel doesn not! 

There’s still a clear distinction between the Church and Israel. God still has a plan for Israel and towards the end of the Tribulation He will reveal His true identity as the promised Messiah to them.  

Gentiles were only drafted into the “promises of salvation” that God made to Israel. But we are NOT grafted into the  Jewish State! There is a “Jewish Roots movement” with a philosophy that appeals to people trying to be Jewish, and teachings that do not agree with God’s written word. The truth is that Christians are not instructed to obey commands given to Israel because they are separate entities!   Israel is not the Church. And the Church is not Israel!

The Bible is quite clear in portraying Israel and the Church as completely separate entities. We’re both part of His kingdom, but our origin, our purpose, our commands, our feast days, etc. require that we be seen as distinct from one another. We are” the Church” and Israel is still Israel because Israel is still rejecting Jesus as sthe promised Messiah!

 Israel came to be through a sovereign act of God, creating a nation out of the direct descendants of Abraham While the Church consists of individual members from every nation, tribe, people, and language who have been adopted directly into the family of God, based on our personal belief that Jesus died for our sins and rose again When the Bible says there is neither Jew nor Gentile, it is saying that we’re all Abraham’s seed but that doesn’t mean we’re all Israel!  

No matter how some people try to redefine things, Israel and the Church are separate entities in God’s view, and were never intended to become one. >

So what does it mean that the church has been grafted into Israel’?" The answer is in  Romans 11:11–24 where  Paul compares Israel to the natural branches of a cultivated olive tree and the Gentile believers to the branches of a wild olive tree. The natural branches (Israel) were broken off, and the wild branches (Gentiles) were grafted in (verse 17). The Gentiles, then, have been made “partakers” of God’s salvation.But Israel has remained as God’s special people.

It is important to understand how God called Israel to be His people and how they failed to fulfill that calling. As the seed of Abraham, the children of Israel were chosen by God to be “a separate people, holy to the Lord.” God’s design was for them to be a light to the Gentiles so that they, too, might know God ~Genesis 18:17–19;  But God had already promised to restore His kingdom to Israel after they repented  and God sent His Son to invite Israel to “repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 3:24:17).

However, when Jesus revealed Himself as the promised Davidic King who would restore Israel  He was rejected by the Jews. Jesus therefore called His disciples to fulfill Abraham’s commission to bless the nations (Genesis 12:2–3) by preaching the gospel of the Kingdom to all nations. Paul preached the gospel of the Kingdom to the Jews and was repeatedly rejected. The majority of the Jewish people have still not accepted Jesus Christ as the promised Messiah.  

Paul brought the good news to the Gentiles, who  became Abraham’s spiritual seed by faith and heirs of the promises to Abraham and his seed ~Gal. 3—4). This is what Paul meant in Romans 11 by the Gentiles being “grafted” into the “olive tree” and nourished by the “root”, which is Christ.The tree signifies the collective people of God and the “wild branches” that are grafted in are Gentile believers; the “natural branches” that are cut off are the Jews in unbelief.

The Church is made  up of both Jewish believers and Christian believers.

Then  there are those who advocated replacement theology, which holds that the Church has completely replaced Israel. In other words, according to this view, ethnic Israel will not inherit the Promised Land. But What about the Old Testament prophecies that Israel as a nation would repent and be re-gathered to the land in the last days as a permanent possession ~Deuteronomy 30:1–10

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And in Roman’s 11 Paul says: “I say then, has God cast away His people? Certainly not!  God has not cast away His people”.  Romans 11 thus conclusively shows Gentile believers that God is not yet “done” with Israel. But since “the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable” (11:29), “all Israel will be saved” in order to fulfill God’s covenant with ethnic Israel (11:25–28),
While the “natural branches” were cut off because Israel failed, God’s purposes are not complete until Israel is grafted back into the people of God to share in the promises to Abraham and his seed.


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Lots of good information here. Worthy of more study. Thank you.



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Thank you Zerich.  There is much confusion in the Church these days about therelationship of Israel and the Church. 





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