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From: Zerich DelphiPlus Member IconJan-8 9:58 AM 
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The Not So "United" States

 The United States is badly divided, and not at all united anymore. Not since the American Civil War has the nation been at greater odds with itself, and nothing indicates the way to bridge the chasm. How can one compromise on the subjects of abortion, the LGBT agenda, assisted dying, and open borders? Where is the middle ground on abortion? Does life begin at conception or does it not? Is it morally right to kill an unborn child?
Whatever anyone thinks of President Donald Trump, can anyone rationally dispute the fact that a country without borders ceases to be a country? Why would any country allow people to fly into its major cities completely vetted and be welcomed to stay? Is there any difference between walking into a country and flying into it? Should not every country, no matter how compassionate, have the right to control who enters through it's gates? Some things are simply foolish and wrong. Abortion is murder. Open borders make no sense.  

 Civility is lacking on both sides of the political divide, and there is more than enough blame to go around. When politicians encourage their followers to harass their opponents in restaurants, gas stations, and anywhere else that they find them, something is seriously amiss.







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From: dkdunJan-8 10:49 AM 
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We can thank the school system for most of this!  the communists came over here in the 30's a Russian General espousing his garbage and the colleges especially bought it we have half the country so ignorant, they can't think for themselves, they have to have the lying communist media tell them what to here we are....God has appointed Pres Trump to clean out the dens of evil and its OUR responsibility to hold him up in prayer so he can get the job done....the military tribunals in Guantanamo will help immensely, especially if all traitors are hung....but not sure that advertising the fact wouldn't be a good idea to put the fear in the rest of the evil in this country....they DEFINITELY need a "fear of respirsal" attitude imho....I personnally believe that George Soros should be immediately held for a tribunal, found guilty and hung A.S.A.P. that beast has been spreading his evil since WWII!  imho


From: Zerich DelphiPlus Member IconJan-8 11:25 AM 
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I agree.

 One thing about it and this is not the nicest thing to say,and probably noone knows this for sure, but SOROS
does not have much time left to spread his evil deeds. This man not only does this in this country but in other countries as well.

I Pray that he gets saved.






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From: Paula (PaulaS44) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostJan-9 5:39 AM 
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For sure - something is very seriously amiss!  

I wonder if the US is headed to another civil war?

And I actually believe that civil war has already begun!  





You can't lead someone where you have never been.

Pray for our country and for president Trump!

If you want a blessing for yourself, be a blessing to others! 

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

Don't beat yourself up for things God has already forgotten!

                     Jesus did not say you won't  make mistakes.  He said: "When you                                             recognize your mistake, if you ask I will forgive you "

This forum loves  Israel because God loves Israel

Our forum rules are on our start page.

 "All posts are "Fair Use" only"  

Follow me to:


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From: coldstone777Jan-14 11:58 AM 
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I think if you REALLY want to end tribalism, increase the size of the House of Representatives and end gerrymandering. The House was capped to appease some whiners from rural America who decided to impede the census unless it was capped. Congress made the mistake of capitulating instead of busting heads,

The result is that the part of the Legislative Branch that represents big states/cities has been unfairly kneecapped, giving rural America power it was never supposed to have. Removing the cap would force the GOP to actually offer something to cities instead of going to the small towns and screaming that city people are evil, like they did with Antonio Delgado.(calling him a big city rapper)

Furthermore, it would motivate city dwellers to give a rat about issues in rural America.

Part of the reason a lot of city people don’t want to hear about the very real problems of rural America is that the political system is artificially tilted in its favor. Rural America, for all its problems with infrastructure, jobs and education system, has one major thing going for it: It plays politics on easy mode. With a defanged and heavily gerrymandered House of Representatives, not to mention states themselves, city dwellers basically have no power.
So when (to use an example) we hear about rural schools falling down because funding schools by property taxes is a stupid method of school funding unless you live in a ritzy suburb, we city dwellers are not as sympathetic and as inclined to work with rural Americans as we perhaps should be.

Our first thought tends to be something along the lines of, “ You could vote in politicians that could easily fix that problem in one session. Why is the fact you won’t do that *our* problem?”

By having an easy mode and the ability to do anything they want, rural America has been expected to go it alone for years. People lack sympathy and empathy for anyone on easy mode. People who have unfair advantages tend to find they get the cold shoulder when they face a problem they aren’t able to handle on their own.


From: dkdunJan-14 5:22 PM 
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You have that backwards, it was designed that way to make it more equitable , otherwise the cities would have all the the WHOLE BOOK......! 


From: coldstone777Jan-14 5:35 PM 
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The House was never meant to be capped in fairness to the small states. Otherwise there'd have been a cap from the start. It wa always meant to be indexed to the population. The House was never MEANT to be fair to the small states.

The small states have the Senate and Electoral College. That's *their* fairness.

The House was meant to give voice to the big states and big cities. When rural America threw a fit in the early 20th century and got a cap on the House, it artificially nerfed the power of the big states and cities in a fashion that was neither designed nor intended.

By leveling the playing field once more, with each side having a piece of the Legislative branch to represent their interests, we can go back to what the Founders intended: Big states and small states, big metropolises and small country towns having to work together and compromise.


From: AndySipowicz (SWBisBS)Jan-15 12:32 AM 
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From: dkdunJan-16 6:56 PM 
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I have to ask, why is a non christian coming to a christian site?  Just trying to get an argument going?  You come here, you might want to read the Bible , accept Jesus...then we can have some conversations that are worth something  imho


From: BENQ247:47 AM 
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dkdun said...

I have to ask, why is a non christian coming to a christian site?

you think this is a christian site?


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