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Welcome to the only forum in Delphi that covers all disorders within the Autism Spectrum along with ADHD/ADD, SID, OCD, PDD and more!

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Discussion and support for parents & loved ones of children with autistic spectrum disorders and other developmental and behavior disorders such as ADHD, ADD, OCD, PDD, SID, as well as members of the ASD community themselves.  The hosts here have a gavel () next to their names. We are here to give help, friendship, support and information.

What is Autism?:
Separate the Facts from the Myths

Links for Resources:

Is your birdie leaving the nest soon?

Got Books? Try These! 

Different Treatments
There is no cure for autism; however, with appropriate treatment
and education, many children with the disorder can learn and develop. Early intervention often can reduce challenges associated with the disorder, lessen disruptive behavior, and provide some degree of independence.

  • List of Therapies

  • Enzyme Therapy Information through:

    Is Bill Gates autistic? Learn more!
    Einstein and Newton were autistic, too!

    Secretin - What is it?

  • Since this is a semi-private forum, you must become a member to see the other folders available. If you wish to join please post a message in the Introduce Yourself folder and tell us a little bit about yourself. We also regularly check the visitor log ~ all parents and loved ones of Autism Spectrum Disorder children, and ASD adults themselves, will be given access to the private folders.  Any emails can be directed to towards Caroline (ABBYCAT2) at moret25@hotmail.com

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