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The Left Doesn’t Care About Morals   AMERICA

Started 12/3/17 by Abiathar; 39 views.

From: Abiathar


Don’t Be Fooled: The Left
Doesn’t Care About
Morals; It Cares About Power

PJ Media, by D.C. McAllister 

Is America undergoing a great awakening in light of the deluge of sex scandals that are now coming to light? Are we seeing a revival of that old-time religion of chastity, purity, and self-control? One would think so as liberals, who once laughed at sexual improprieties, clapped as sinners danced in the streets, and pointed fingers at accusers on national television, are now offering mea culpas and purging all ranks with the fervor of medieval inquisitors.

It certainly looks like a change for good. But don’t be fooled. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

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