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As Human Beings, We all recognize that lovemaking is the maximum important & top notch hobby in Human life. The majority of those don`t recognize, whether or not or now no longer or now now no longer they`ll be stricken by HIV-AIDS ailment and a maximum of the males and females are unaware of those diseases. We propose you to transport everyday HIV check-up when you have made lovemaking with more than one associate without protection precautions. DR. RAINA`S SAFE HANDS director Dr. Vinod Raina is the precept Sexologist. Being a senior MBBS health practitioner he's carrying the proficient enjoy for 19 years inside facet the clinical industry. Moreover, he's an active member player and speaker of country-big and international clinical meetings in AIIMS. He has been provided at National Conferences. His super and active method in the direction of his career has stored more than lots of humans. He conducts CMEs (keep clinical education) and meetings on reasons of HIV / AIDS, Pep Treatment and Sexual Dysfunction treatment, and meal food regimen nourishment frequently to educate & replace health workers approximately the undertaking and boom his knowledge. HIV Treatment is such a factors that shop humans and will boom their dwelling lives. We're obsessively enthusiastic about our paintings with our devoted team, our undertaking is to cope with humans from HIV or any sexual hassle that they have. We hobby to analyzing the statistics on Diet, Food Nutrition, and Body exercise for HIV and Sexual ailment topics. "A complete set of drugs recurring is a base to deal with any contamination or virus" from any ailment on the facet of HIV / AIDS, Testosterone deficiencies, STD, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Hepatitis B, Human Papillomavirus, Chlamydia, Genital Warts, Pubic Lice, Scabies and Trichomoniasis. HIV has become a worldwide health emergency at present globally and has affected all regions of the arena regardless of gender, age, region, life-style and nationality causing tens of hundreds and hundreds of deaths and sufferings. Access to prevention, modes of treatment at one in all a type levels available these days has changed the situation at globe level. The immune device of our body shield us thru recognizing the invading pathogens (bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites) and gives the at the spotaneous reaction to those pathogens and consequently prevent us from falling ill. The cells of immune device that play detail in regulation and destruction of antigens ate T lymphocytes. When HIV is inside facet the circulatory device, it desires CD4+ lymphocytes. When the infection HIV infection first enters the body, it is referred to as Primary Infection (HIV 1). In Primary Infection (HIV 1) a person includes immoderate viral load which means there are numerous viruses in step with millimeter of plasma or blood present that can exceed over 1 million in number. The signs and signs and symptoms and symptoms and signs at this diploma are referred to as SERCONVERSION ILLNESS and people embody headache, sore throat, non-prevent diarrhea, vomiting, night time time seats, and weight loss and pores and pores and skin rashes. The not unusualplace time of this

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