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Don't blame the computer.   Digital

Started 5/17/17 by HWPeeler (HPeeler); 57 views.
HWPeeler (HPeeler)

From: HWPeeler (HPeeler)


A computer randomly selects four passengers to be removed from a boarded airplane, by force if necessary. Can you blame the computer for bad judgment?

The computer just runs programs. It does not make decisions. Decisions are made by people. Programmers write the programs. Supervisors and corporate managers sign off on it and say the program does what is intended.

Replace a random person without considering if the person is travelling with a spouse or children? Bad consideration. The programmer should consider such things but if this criteria is not required initially is it the programmer's fault? Kind of. Mostly it is managers who did not require careful consideration up front,.

But don't blame the computer, blame the people who specified the program.

An unmanned fighter attacks a passenger jet. Blame the computer? No. Is it frightening to think a computer makes choices? It doesn't. The choice to kill is made by some geek programmer sitting at a desk playing World of Warcraft. Now THAT ought to be frightening.