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G1000 54 Watt LED assembly   Discussions

Started 9/7/17 by HWPeeler (HPeeler); 148 views.
HWPeeler (HPeeler)

From: HWPeeler (HPeeler)


6,000 LM, This ought to light up your life. From Electronic Goldmine, but the ad does not say color temperature. It is about 5,600 K, so very white. Not yellowish like an incandescent bulb.

A big heat sink is suggested. Aluminum case and heat sink of 500 sq in to 1,000 sq in  or so maybe. I haven't bought one yet so this is just guess work. A fan would be a good idea.

The power supply included is crude. AC to DC converter and a power resistor. No current limiting is included. A 500 mA constant current circuit would be a good idea instead of the resistor.

It was originally for outdoor lighting.

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From: EdGlaze


Fortimo 54 Watt HBMt 6000 High Lumen Module and Power Source

High lumen Fortimo warm white 54Watt light module is the most powerful one we have ever had. It operates from 118VDC and produces 6000 lumens light output. This module was to be installed in super high power portable outdoor construction lights. They are new — removed from heatsinks/fixtures when the company changed design.

We have created a simple 118VDC power supply kit you can solder and build with an included PC board, however since it is connected directly to the AC line you must insulate it to not allow anyone to come in contact with it.

Also note this supply allows you to test out the module and view its extreme brightness. It is not current regulated and is not suitable for any long term use. Also note that the module requires heat sinking and can be damaged by heat if it is operated more than a couple of minutes without a heat sink.

Size about 4.25" x 1.80" x 0.15" thick. Consists of 40 ultra blinding SMD leds. Made by Philips, this sophisticated module even has a built in thermistor on board. Current required: about 500mA. You will be amazed at the blinding warm white light. You get one module and one 3.5" x 1.5" PC board with parts. Please download instruction sheet below. Note : You must solder these parts together. No case or heatsink is provided. Keep in mind you must use a current regulated driver for long term use. Power supply operates on 120VAC 60Hz. Module operates on 118VDC @ 0.500Amp. Module is removed from new equipment and may have a little white thermal grease on it. Retail for module alone is $65.

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Datasheet - Adobe PDF