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For the classroom   Discussions

Started 11/30/17 by HWPeeler (HPeeler); 150 views.
HWPeeler (HPeeler)

From: HWPeeler (HPeeler)


What stuff do you need for a classroom? I prefer a hands-on approach. Teaching basic circuits in theory is necessary. Building what you learn helps the theory make sense. Breadboards are good. A power source. Battery power is safe. Wall wart power is good. Current limiting is suggested. Keep it under 1 Watt for beginning classes. Multimeters with modified leads to go into the breadboard in handy.

List of suggested materials for beginning classes, series ands parallel circuits:

Cheap basic multipeter with modified leads.


Battery powered (9 V) or wall wart power supply. 9 V DC, 100 mA or so. Current limited.


Exercises fitting the power restraints given.

Calculator or computer with spreadsheet or calculator

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HWPeeler (HPeeler)

From: HWPeeler (HPeeler)


After basic resistor series and parallel circuits consider adding other components.  LEDs, diodes, capacitors and such.

So far only DC circuits are dome. AC circuits require an AC source. A lw voltage, low power transformer. Rectifiers, oscilloscopes. Basic power supply design.

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HWPeeler (HPeeler)

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After basic power supplies comes voltage regulators. Transistor and Zener diode to start with. Then add current limiting. Followed by voltage regulator ICs.