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From: Granny Shorty (TOILETHEA1) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostDec-2 7:51 AM 
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"Rent is obscene here": The issues forcing people in Seattle onto the street

With the days getting shorter and the temperatures colder, it's sobering to think that on any given night more than half a million Americans are homeless. In the last three years, according to government reports, cities on the West Coast have seen a dramatic rise in the number of people who are "unsheltered." That's the term used to refer to anyone who's homeless, but not sleeping in a shelter. They're the people you see sleeping on streets or in parks, in tent encampments, or in vehicles. Why has the unsheltered population been going up at a time of economic expansion and low unemployment? One answer is rising rents in hot real estate markets. Take Seattle and surrounding King County, which are booming thanks to high-tech companies but now have the third highest number of homeless people in the country. The Seattle area is home to Amazon and Microsoft, but also to a homeless encampment called Tent City Three. 

In the shadow of Interstate 5 in Seattle, on a vacant strip of public land, this is Tent City 3. There are about 50 people living here, without heat or running water.

Ethan Wood is celebrating his third birthday. He's lived in a tent for the past year and a half. 

His parents, Tricia and Josiah, told us Ethan has an enlarged heart and suffers from bouts of asthma and croup so severe, they've had to take him to the emergency room several times. Last winter, one of Seattle's coldest in recent memory, Ethan was sleeping in a tent, covered with blankets, sandwiched between his parents for warmth.

Anderson Cooper: Did you ever think, "Well, this is not the place, we should have our child"?

Josiah Wood: We don't want our son here. We don't want to be here. But as of right now, this is the safest place for us.

Tricia Wood: Absolutely. 

Josiah Wood: Because we know the people, we know the rules, and--

Tricia Wood: Our family gets to stay together.

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From: kizmet1Dec-2 11:13 AM 
To: Granny Shorty (TOILETHEA1) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (2 of 98) 
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Nice that Seattle is organized enough that they can move them evert so ofter? Too bad they didn't think of the consequences before having a baby?
Seattle has a lot of billionaires. The tearing down of old buildings is partly their fault. They should have big taxes on their corporations and build old fashioned motel size rooms for people to live in rather than wanting low end property owners like me to pay. Put very sensitive smoke alarms in to discourage pot smoking in rooms.
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From: kizmet1Dec-2 11:21 AM 
To: Granny Shorty (TOILETHEA1) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 98) 
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Shorty, you are simply amazing the way you found this trsnsctipt of the whole segment. :)

From: Granny Shorty (TOILETHEA1) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostDec-2 11:56 AM 
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A lot of people have brought this on themselves,  like that couple did, and a lot of others, just feel on bed times with rising rents.


From: Granny Shorty (TOILETHEA1) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostDec-2 11:58 AM 
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LOL thank you!


From: kizmet1Dec-2 12:06 PM 
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They should have stayed with her mom in Alaska. It is terrible dragging a sick toddler around the streets like that. I have camped in very cold weather (not on purpose, weatherman errored) and a tent can be warm from body heat but leaving it in the morning is very, very cold. I do not reccommend it any place but a vacation

From: Granny Shorty (TOILETHEA1) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostDec-2 12:14 PM 
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I agree, they were not thinking at all.


From: kizmet1Dec-2 12:32 PM 
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Maybe they thought there would be better benefits in a state loaded with multi millionaires and billionaires? I have relatives near the Canada border who are doing well but they got down and dirty to get where they are now. Not a mansion, just a mobile home on acreage.

From: Granny Shorty (TOILETHEA1) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostDec-2 3:57 PM 
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That could be, who knows what their mindset was. 

I have never lived in a moble home and hope I never do.  


From: kizmet1Dec-2 5:29 PM 
To: Granny Shorty (TOILETHEA1) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 98) 
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Nor have I but if it came to being homeless or having my privacy in a trailer park, I'd choose the trailer. There are big retirement parks here. Walt Disney's sister lived in a regular park for all ages here, even with all the shares of stock he gave here. The neighbors were like family and down to earth compared to the neighbors her brothers' had in CA.

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