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Does it feel like a Triple Crown?   Triple Crown

Started 6/10/18 by Oldbettowin; 6660 views.
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From: Wintertrian


I think it may feel that way because Justify did everything in a very short time span, so we didn't have an entire prep season to follow his trials and travails.    The point is that, for a horse w/not a whole lot of foundation, he just won these things on sheer talent.   He sure is a beautiful animal on top of everything.

I make no bones that I am not a Baffert fan.  I am not a fan of most of the humans he is involved with in his "business" and since he gets sent the very best breedings, I am unable to say he is better than many other trainers, who don't get sent those kinds  of horses in the first place. Unlike Aiden O'brien, he doesn't seem magnanimus in giving all his employees credit for each time he wins, and he seems more like a tv personality than a trainer these days....most of the work is done by people like this:

Had this been aiden O'brien winning, you can be darn sure he would have put his employees in the spotlight and given them as many accolades as he had time/space for.  

Baffert seems more like a tv personality lately than a trainer.  Maybe he should run for POTUS since that seems to be the trend these days  LOL




You make a great point about the short time span. Humans usually develop deep feelings of affection over time. Most of the horses we love, were in our consciousness their juvy year. Justify burst on the scene, and subconsciously, some may feel that he didn't "pay his dues". For me, that's precisely what makes him special. I was not super impressed with any one of his races. It is his meteoric rise to the top in such a short time, handling all the various challenges, that I find most impressive.


From: Plus2lbs


Thanks for the read.

The first time I saw video of Justify,  my thought was,  he had the motion that most resembled a rocking horse,  that I had ever seen.  Was like I was watching I toy horse from a swiss watchmaker from long ago.  He could of went around again...and again.

Poetry in motion.

Being by Scat Daddy,  gotta be monster on turf.  Send him to the Arc,  have Soumillon ride.

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From: smartyslew


this is a pretty good back and forth.

i have seen a couple of interviews recently talking about more

deep pockets and others to get a piece of the ownership of tbreds

and the strategy will be like this race with more investors with a piece of

multiple horses in the same g1 races and it will have talking points from the group team

on the strategy for the race scenario for the best results for their group and the plan for each horse

and part of that will be who to leave out of a race that can comprimise for the biggest return
on their money invested. all legal and randomly done before and more often part of a cappers

nightmare to go with the special feed.

anyone else see those interviews ?



I agree, I wasn't a fan of this horse or American Pharoah. The only time either horse was challenged in their careers, one barely held off a 67-1 Derby 6th place finisher and the other went down to Keen Ice. Sour grapes, for sure.

After rooting for Triple Crowns from my Derby picks (War Emblem, California Chrome), only to see them go down, I tried to remove the fandom from the race and focus on the betting.

Just because Justify won the TC doesn't mean I'll be waiting to put an Apollo or Storm Cat on top in future Derbies.


From: Plus2lbs



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From: Oldbettowin


I have not seen those but I learned a lesson that I wish I was still ignorant about and I feel stupid for not taking the reason Hope was in the race seriously enough when the draw came out.  I agree with Steve that Justify didn’t need the help and it’s a bad look on the ownership.  Just one more black eye I’ll have to swallow if I’m to continue to be a fan of the sport I guess because I agree we’re going to be seeing this more and more.  Maybe this stuff has been going on for decades and I was simply naive and under the impression that the sport had more integrity than it ever actually had?  It saddens me because I actually like Justify but he’ll forever have a little asterisk next to his name in the back of my mind, especially when I think of some that never got their TC like Smarty because of the way they were ganged up on.  


From: Oldbettowin


Thanks for the article Winter, that was awesome.  That man needs to write a book.


From: smartyslew


part of it for Baffert is being a savvy businessman,he trys to keep all of that good

team of his out of the spotlight and pay them enough to keep them happy and stay

with him.

jimmy barnes and his wife Dana have had offers to work for others

and BB pays them enough to keep them from going out on their own.

you don't hear much about new trainers learning there trade from Baffert

like you do learning with Lucas.

Baffert is very good at the sales and has a good eye for potential talent.

you don't hear to much about the jealousy from florida and kentucky

like 10 years ago when he buys horses out from under them at their sales.

most on here know his known negatives and his experiments with drugs and feed

with all of those positives i wonder why he has the needs to be a head of the known

level playing field. must be greed


From: smartyslew


i read your article after my last post.

thank you it was well written.

it would be nice if Baffert would take him to a big race like Lucas did with Winning colors.