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Haskell 2018 ~ sans ~ Hassle ~ DogsUp & Delta Details   Handicapping - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 6/12/18 by DogsUp; 3037 views.

From: DogsUp


Two score and seven days to go.. our fathers and family and friends will most likely see: Justify in Mil$ G~1 er.

Antennas-up say no shortness of field or duckers, pending in their paddock awaiting longer Spa Travers.

Maybe even 3-y-old  filly spotted 5 pound weight allowance Monomoy Girl may take her stuff to the shore track, Monmouth Pk.

On horse horizon ~ Obvioso (not a contender .. Means obviously ....

Bravoso & Bronk

Good Magic .....Audible.....Magnum Moon


 Mile and an eighth top weight 122,  others about 118.

*Bob Baffert buffet.. Justify, McKinze, and Ax Man

Also Tenfold, My Boy Jack 

I've mentioned, years past, Baffert wins this so much they order 3 winner trophies at a time.

if win...his 9th time.

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From: DogsUpBigE


Asst Trainer to Justify (and Am Pharoah) Bob Baffert's Jimmy Barnes will prolly signal the TC winner going to Joy~sey at the shaw. Decoded Jersey at the shore.

Bob & accordingly, Asst.  Jimmy have no barn prospects stabled at Monmouth Park. So unless Barnes flies to Jersey on private plane some airline agent will tip social media or the press Of his flight plans.

Bob usually flies in with jockey and connections.


From: honneerider


Have my tickets-hope they come


From: DogsUpBigE


Monmouth peeps are already talking with Bob for Justify. I will head for Jersey if in.. for bets, beach, bathing suit and butts. Cigar butts.

Talks look like some 2 mil package, up from kicker to get Am Pharoah to run for 1.75M for normally $1 mil purse. They have casino sports betting adding to the calculations pie. The field could be substantially large with significant slices for one ~2~3 finishers. Another ditty is $5 mil if winner goes on to win a bunch more races say includes Classic @ Church. Use their race to become  Derby~ish with future races to perform in vs Churchill Downs management points and where you come from ... Per their set up.

Monomouth will rise to a new level with sports bets.. Purses for this summer meeting place = horses. ...once they take sports betting. And NJ breeds will come back some.  When NYRA circuit benefited from Aqu  casino, purses skyrocketed and NY breeds got very fashionable.

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From: DogsUpBigE


Would trainer Bob Baff take the 2018 Haskell with Justify and skip the Travers like he wanted to with Amer Pharoah after AP's Hask win.

Keeping in mind Bob's runners have won 8 of the late Haskididles. Further making the potential (insured)' enticement of Baff having a $5 mil campaign ahead of him as the guy most likely to show up with the right colt at the right time. And then play through for bonus win. Ergo skip Trav. And makes Haskell..The summer place to be. For the right 3 yr old colt.

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From: DogsUpBigE



My Boy Jack....can't attack the potential mile time call   (  anticipated ) in mile and an eighth supped up track, supped up $2 mil purse Hascolini. And all carrying under classic 126 weights. 122_ish for standouts' PPs.

Sixty six people would have gone to the winner's circle had this Don't Tell My Wife Stable runner  collected first Roses in The Derby. 

MBJ barned @ Santa Anita, and those 5/and a half dozen peeps have a bigginski  decision. Psychic income vs purse payoff. IMHO (new feature!)

Will it be shipity -do - dah or stay home on the range?? Ship to softer spot?

Predict scratch for a better board hit .elsewhere..this Joisey G1 is a race that will be fast and this colt can't last that number up front of him. Numbah estimated 1:34.4 to 1:35:3.

Hit the road Jack,........

Has hit the board:  11 races @ 3 ~3~2  lesser Grades: lesser times (d)


From: Oldbettowin


At this point you’d have to have your head examined if you bet against Baffert in a grade 1.  If he didn’t already have Justify I’m sure we’d see another Arrogate come along and suddenly improve by 10 lengths.  

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From: DogsUpBigE


TC winner Justify has not had an official work yet. But some leg stretchers.

The perennial Sunday scheduled Haskell is but two dozen days away.

A Baffert signal would be some (2-4) official workouts. Before the below stated.

A better signal would be $2 mil put upon the table; if the TCer leaves the gate on pray & pay Sunday.

A bettor's signal is to know that the Haskell's Home ~ Monmouth Park just installed 7~day a week Sports Betting and would derive many marketing schemes by having the drought ending Apollo colt take to the Jersey shore sand. 

The field will include a couple of locally barned trois year olds that have won there, but should go off at > 100 to 1. 

Mr. Bee Bop has a long standing relationship of gating runners in the G1 with 8 wins, as well as with the oval's management.

A bad signal IMHO (new (d) feature) would be Parx Derby. And yet, the two TC trainer Bob was a go for American Ph. to run in Haskell, and a don't want to go to Travers..that campaign.

From a track surface basis Jersey over Parx.

As mentioned, Monmouth management minds have been scheming to have the Hask as the 1st leg for subsequent winner to go on to other races, outside the track, and provide a retroactive bonus of $5 mil. Maybe the parties are pitching future scheduled races. No reason to cast it in stone ala Triple Crown designated yr to yr.

Bob might go for this as he returns to the Jersey joint most years anyway and could pick up his ceremonial $check and trophy. Insurance anyone!

enjoy the's and racing (d)


From: honneerider


Much as I hate to say it, I have a feeling Bob is being too easy on the horse because he has had some recent word Justify won't run again. Hoping I am wrong. He did say the colt needs weight

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