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Justify Soon To Retire?   General Discussions

Started Jul-10 by RAESFAN; 218 views.



Forgive me, but when I hear that these three year olds are injured or taken out of training, I fear that it's off to the breeding shed! He hadn't breezed since the TC, and now his ankle is swollen. so it's logical that they would not risk his future. Besides, only a loss could cost him HOY...or so they believe!


From: Wintertrian


oh please, first he had "scratches" then it wasn't scratches it was a bruised hoof, after BEL he gained weight, or no, wait.... he lost weight, then he was thriving (but there was still no plan for a race), then he wasn't thriving ......  now he has an ankle filling.....(and that will turn into some other "story" in a few days)..... but you know "they love him so much!!!!!!!!!!"  (but it was fine for him to run on a bruised foot for most of the TC and god only knows what else that we don't even KNOW about ).......

It just goes on and on.

When Baffert speaks, just turn the sound off.   There's no point.  




Agreed, and I am not too fond of Walden and co. right now either.


From: honneerider


I am the least surprised. When he was "lightened up on" to add weight, I saw the writing on the wall.

Mush to my disappointment, I doubt Justify ever sets hoof on a track again.

Truth of the issue not shared with the public at all.


From: zambito


I just look at it this way. It's they're horse and they made a investment that paid off. We had the opportunity to see a undefeated TC winner and that in it self is something to talk about for years to come. More horses will come and we will always have something to disagree about to talk on our forum. Don't let it bring you down.  


From: Wintertrian


zambito said...

We had the opportunity to see a undefeated TC winner and that in it self is something to talk about for years to come.

So having a super short career (which also helps you stay "undefeated") is something that should please us?

If tennis were like this, and I only got to follow players for a few months before they "retired",  there wouldn't be anyone following tennis anymore.  LOL

While I appreciate your optimism, I can't say I share it.   

For years to come?  c'mon.





This is exactly what bothers me. The TC is special, but its winner has only proved dominant over its specific crop, which may be rather ordinary. He is undefeated in six races, where we have horses like Zenyatta, Winx, Cigar, etc., who have run off many more consecutive wins against some of the best horses in the world. For me, a TC winner's place can not be properly assessed until he/she takes on open company. Otherwise, he/she is "just" 3 year old of the year! Although I like the horse, and believe he may well be special, his wins were not "eye-opening" while he was clearly the best. I think he is fortunate, in that the older horses are not overwhelming. No Gun Runners, Arrogates, Chromes, or Shared Beliefs to deal with. Yet, if he could defeat Accelerate, I would give him his due. TC winners, by my measuring stick, need to beat the best horse racing, unless that horse is also a TC winner. That's just me. His legacy will be left wanting, imo.

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From: Wintertrian


posted 2x yesterday, psts are not appearing?

Wynn has removed Justify's odds in the BCC futures, so I guess when he was taken out of training they can't include him

I figure we have probbably seen his last race.  I kinda thought he was being "held together" thru the TC races sort of like Big Brown was. :(