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Code of Honor    Pedigree/Breeding

Started 4/24/19 by Ticketman; 5388 views.

From: LNDegenerate


I like this one for The Belmont.



I agree. I see a troubled trip for him in the Derby, bouncing back to finish in the Belmont exacta.

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From: Ticketman


I have an 0 for 53 years stat on the winner ....but I'm sure it's not enough years of data to take serious , so I won't bother any of the guys here ... 

GL on the Derby ! 


From: Oldbettowin


Well there is no one updating dosage right now.  He might have the same dosage index if someone were; maybe not.  


From: smartyslew


Steve Miller for around 20 years has been doing the European Dosage

and his formula uses the model of different generations of dosage and he has the

technology to adjust his formulas to a site in North American used for our cappin.

Code of honor's Dosage is updated for N. America, Galileo is adjusted for us.

He is the guy every year on Steve Romans site would do the Epsom derby, arc, etc.

No body is doing North America that I know of.

BTW Code Of Honors Sire Noble Mission is a full brother to Frankel. For those that don't know. 


From: Wintertrian


Ticketman said...

39 years is a small sample size ...ok ... Have a good day

I said sample size.  
How many horses have run in the derby in 39 years in your example with a dosage of under 1.00

Or are you not going to give any consideration to that?  LOL   Sample size has to be computed with more than years.  

Also looking at dosage w/out going thru at least nearest 5 generations of horses pedigree doesn't tell ya much.  
Compare to Carry Back if you just wanna look at "dosage numbers" (he won, by the way)

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From: Wintertrian


I gotta laugh at some posts I've seen around the internet --- that CoH is a one turn horse, stuff like that.   

Sire is Danehill who sired Dylan Thomas .  Farish homebred, beautiful pedigree all around.  They see him running at Gulfsteam (not right track for him) and at shorter distances (not right distance for him) and toss. Sire's brother is undefeated top timeform horse in the world. 

But hey, I LOVE their $$ in the pools.  I especially like $$ in the pools from people who pick horses based on memes when the memes aren't even mathematically sound.   Sarcasm emoticon

I guess they would have tossed Carry Back, too.  Similar dosage etc. 

WORST that could happen is that he does okay in one of the TC races and some U.S. breeders *wake up* and get some o' that nice Euro stamina into the breeding shed over here.  It's been a big mistake on their part.  Getting more sadlers wells, danehill, etc. into the breed would be okay by me---one of main reasons i like just SEEING this horse in a race.

IF KY derby continues in present pattern with the "undeated at 3" horses, who have to retire 1-2 races afterwards ,I don't hold out much hope for our breeding going forward.  

I guess when nobody keeps buying that will wake breeders here up.  That day is coming.....drug tainted horses who can't run to year 4 is not what the rest of the world wants.


From: Ticketman


Nope ...just looked at Top 4 spots , like I said ....I can care less how many horses have run under a dosage of 1.00 in the Derby ... You want to laugh about's cool bud hard feelings ... have a good day 


From: smartyslew


you said "Sire is Danehill who sired Dylan Thomas"

If you are talking about COH pedigree his sire is Noble Mission and Danehill is his BMSire

As you know Noble Mission is a full brother to Frankel.