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Maximum Security Robbed   General Discussions

Started 5/4/19 by GamblingMel; 9303 views.

From: GamblingMel


Sickened.  How dare they rob Maximum Security of this stunning victory?  


From: Oldbettowin


I have now officially seen it all.  After everything we’ve seen in the derby, including something way more egregious just last year that they would choose this to take their first winner down is mind boggling to me.  I think I’m done with horse racing.  The bad taste in my mouth just keeps getting worse.

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From: Oldbettowin


I lost a ton of respect for Bill Mott today.



Agree, **** them.


From: LNDegenerate


If they took him down then they need to take Country House down as well because nearing the end of the far turn he rubbed and cut off 21 and then impeded 18. Why wasn't anyone looking at that?




I've got a different opinion than most here I guess.  I think they almost had to do it.  With all the attention they have gotten with horse safety this year, I think they had to do it.  That was very dangerous situation and could have come out much worse in front of a national stage.  Horse racing was very fortunate nothing happened to the safety of the riders and horses.  Now they can saw "we care about the safety of these horses", we will even take down the KD winner .

I would have won the P3 and be alive for the other P# with MS, so it hurt my pocket book, bur I completely understand  it happening.  I got to believe Mott did not want to win it this way, MS was the better horse, but he did move out into a bad situation and then squeezed a horse on the rail, but that was not bad.  Tough break forn Servis and bad for Mott for it to happen this way,. 

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From: GoForGin


I totally agree. I thought it was a minor foul, at best, and at the worst, the horse could’ve been taken down to place position. But to totally disqualify Max for that foul? And deny his connections any purse money? That’s total BS. I went from watching one of the more exciting races to saying, adios. I’m liquidating my on line betting account, and will find another sport to follow. This was a travesty. I didn’t bet “rent money” on the race, but think of all they (the stewards) affected. And Bill Mott, your Derby Win will forever have an asterisk attached ... 

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From: Northof64


Agree I lost the exacta probably about 500-750 range. Never would have happened to baffert thats for sure.


From: Gerh


It ended up costing me some money but I have no problem with the decision.Maximum Security ended up costing War Of Will a better placing so by the letter of law the stewards had no choice