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Guess I got lucky   Triple Crown

Started May-5 by princeofdoc; 182 views.

From: princeofdoc


Well, the most bizarre Derby is now over, and I really can't believe it!  As most of you know, I love betting Derby futures, and I've made a lot of $$$ doing so over the last 14 years.  But this year was different, as I posted early in the season, as Wynn stopped doing the futures....Johnny Avello left the Wynn for DraftKings.  He'll have the big list next year, but this year was a vacuum.  I only bet 4 horses, and my main one was Omaha Beach at 60-1.  The only other one I had the made the gate was Country House, at the depressed price of 40-1.

As I also posted earlier, I wheeled Empress in the Oaks-Derby double, so when #20 was elevated to the win, I was elated!  But to be fair, there really was a foul, and it could have been a very catastrophic event.....War of Will almost went down. Toddy too.  And the 1st thing the jock said during the post-race interview was how Max was spooked by all the noise.  He knew he went out....he may have still won, but I also thought WoW was moving and may have caught him.  Who knows.  I think the stewards were courageous in their unanimous decision.