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Country House out   Triple Crown

Started May-7 by Northof64; 642 views.

From: Northof64


No Preakness for him because of a cough or a bug or a bugging cough or whatever.



From: TexSquared


Whatever the reason, I have to be somewhat relieved that BOTH Country House and Maximum Security are skipping the Preakness. Because that would have been embarrassing if either of them were to win both Preakness and Belmont (leading to an "asterisk" Triple Crown scenario).


From: DogsUp


North wrote.....No Preakness for him because of a cough or a bug or a bugging cough or whatever.

I think you are's a bug up the owner's hind quarters

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From: Oldbettowin


Lol didn’t Mott say right after the derby that he was glad they came in second because he didn’t want to run in the Preakness?  (cough cough)


From: DogsUp


Seems like a lot of people have a bug up their derriere. LOL I once posted here how it seems when I have a substantial pick 3/4 or Tri, the Inquiry Sign goes up, objections by even the parking valet. Then I go into an explanation to any one who will listen on the rules of racing why I won't be taken down. 

I also use to be "that guy" who would scream and yell at the TV monitor when my ticket really good ticket was coming in for a win.  Now composure after many many years.

Thunder Rumble did not run the Triple Crown. Won his Travers, first NY bred in 125 years, Devil His Due 2nd.

They ran 1~~2 in their previous at Saratoga in the mile & eighth Jim Dandy 20 days earlier.

Heavy Chalk ran out of the money in Travers.  Alydeed.

Anyway my lady and I drove up to Saratoga, she drops me off, and plans to return a bit later at a spot inside.

So she walks in and I'm watching that I'm about to nail a substantial tri. But, I was easy to find.

The people around me started to wave out away from me like the parting of the Red sea.

Since then and now to this Derby, as I say here frequently.  A race is an occurrence. Once official. One gets to go to the window or not.  Stay focused, calm, don't overanalyze.

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From: Wintertrian


There would be no point in Country House running in preakness.  He's a stamina horse, for the Belmont, not a speedy guy at all.  Nobody would bet country house in the preakness  
Glad he is resting up. Hope he goes in the belmont, he and game winner both perfect for that one. 

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From: ChiefsCrown



You hit the key word, "overanalyze". That's what i seem to do too much of, gets me confused, change picks and subsequently swear myself upside down!!!

This year i'm looking at pp's day of race, well maybe Friday 5/17!


From: GoForGin


Wasn’t there a Derby runner not too many years ago named Overanalyze? 


From: ChiefsCrown


I believe he stands at WinStar, campaigned by Mike Repole and trained by Todd Pletcher.