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More fatalities! What Now?   General Discussions

Started 5/21/19 by RAESFAN; 5398 views.
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From: TexSquared


The solution is not "do nothing and hope it goes away". Tried that, and look where we are...

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From: Wintertrian


Good point about Belmont never getting into BC conversations.   Maybe explain why you think that is. 

On the Andy thing, keeping in mind that people like andy beyer, talking heads, race track personalities and racing personages pretty much have a reason to support the 'status quo' because otherwise they can't be significant anymore.   (Andy:  the way, the truth, the light.....once somebody says this about their own work, you can't really take them seriously anymore.... I mean, it's the stuff that cults are made of).    His meltdown about the derby on the day of the Preakness made me wonder if he still had all his marbles. 

Some of these people are *highly reactive* types,  the opposite brain type that produces *proactive* people. 

Moral to story:  don't expect proactive behavior from reactive type people, esp. not if they are holding on for dear life.  Gotta look elsewhere for positive changes to our sport.   But......its taking too long.  Way too long.  In the meantime, people who were once passionate horse racing fans are walking away from U.S. racing.  

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From: DogsUp


Breeders Cup & Santa Anita At Large

Sunset in Elmont N Y Belmont Park in November about +/- 4:35 PM. Not many years ago if Belmont had been the host track, weather would have caused big problems shipping in, quarantine time, and day of racing..if it could have been conducted at all. West Coast provides three additional hour window. Going West to East Coast USA alone. 

No lighting system, however consider for two years now for Belmont only of NYRA circuit.. Doubtful any studies by NYRA show that people working days, would head out to Elmont N.Y.and the for night cards.

The Meadowlands NJ  is night for standardbreds  and Tbreds. The advent of competing gambling choices and means, and  according lack of potential new fans caused decline. Lights or not.  As is elsewhere.

Churchill has lights and AWD ~ Advanced Wager Depositing (Twinspires). Better weather statistically than Downstate New York early November.

Santa Anita is up for grabs in court dispute ownership. So both parties daughter and Frank S are willing to let the band play on. Run a BC. Equals revenue.  Plain and simple.

What the gamble is is that horses running  the 2 day dirt events, even first time, go down in training or a race. And under lack of caution to have moved venue due to lack of significant resolve.

Diminishing size of foaled crops and available runners/ running in more races and cheaper, and number of meet racing dates (widow of opportunity) and casino enhancement of purse monies are also factors for the games failure. 

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From: Wintertrian


People have been racing horses throughout all time.   I don't think there is anything at all abusive about racing horses.

The way we are doing it, however, really isn't okay. 

I've been watching racing forums, reading columns, reading comments in articles from "no nothings" all the way up to people who play every day and I think what is happening is that people had no idea, as more and more details get posted, that things were this bad. 

For instance, somebody posted a group of minutes from the CHRB, only for one trainer, JH, and the list of drugs, suspensions, and how long this has been going on, with  only wrist slaps, freaked a lot of people out.   And multiply that by many other trainers, not pulling out only one.    When people started reading thru them and other data (esp. stuff about Heavenly Perfect, and Songbird) I think their hair stood on end.  They felt *duped*.  And betrayed.   

THESE are the horse racing fans who will be walking away from U.S. racing.   The model has become "the less you know the better" because, unfortunately, once you KNOW certain things, you need brain bleach to remove it.    

Put togehter a centralized body, with regulators, and do it quickly. 1-2 years and no excuses.  

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From: Wintertrian


Another one walking away---Horse racing publicist for Pleasanton and co-host of the Daily Handicapping Seminar 

" The Reader's Digest version: I have serious problems and frustrations with the direction of the industry in all aspects.

I liken it to the movie "Titanic," with horse racing being the ship and I don't want to be Jack holding on in the freezing ocean while the ship sinks. I want to be in the lifeboat early on.

It's the most self-serving industry I have ever been a part of....."

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From: Wintertrian


Gerh said...

Now up to 30 and Stronach has banned Jerry Hollendorfer from its tracks.I guess they were not satisfied with his compliance with the new safety protocols

Don Chatlos listed as the trainer of Rowayton for the Dwyer Stakes on Sat.
Mr. Chatlos is also listed as the trainer for Brill in the Victory Ride Stakes tomorrow at Belmont.

Both are Hollendorfer horses as we know.

Neat trick, just fill out some paperwork and all your problems go away. 


From: Gerh


When the trainer is suspended,pass the reins to an assistant.What is the point of suspension if there is a loophole like this.I am probably beginning to sound like a broken record but my solution is to suspend every horse in a trainers barn for any violation by that trainer.This would include labor violations.It’s amazing that we have so much commotion about a Betsy Ross flag on a sneaker while backside workers are treated like sub humans by the horse racing industry and the country is ok with it


From: zowcownow


I watch a lot of Historical Horse Racing videos on youtube.  In my recommended video stream on Youtube - Racehorse Reality - popped up.   Its a gruesome video with a bunch of slow-motion replay of horse breakdowns.   Undercover video of  Steve Asmussen and Steve Blasi having a conversation about a few of their horses not being in good shape.  A slow motion video of a 2-year-old in training sales video breakdown.  Its some gruesome stuff -- but the conversations between the trainers and their staff is interesting.  The name of the video is mentioned above and it's on Youtube.  

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From: Wintertrian


I agree, "trainers by paperwork" isn't a good solution.

The problem is that unless the owners have a very active role and know everything about what is going on in a barn (and many do not as they trust the trainers in a lot of cases and/or they have jobs runnning companies, banks, etc. and don't know what "goes on backside")

I'm not sure it's entirely fair that trainer suspensions are going to keep owner's horses from racing. 

I guess you could say that owners need, then, to perform very careful due dilligence on who they place their horses with and not just go for the greed fast money etc. factor.  

If I had a list of N.A. based trainers I'd place a horse with, (the big names)  Graham Motion and Christophe Clement,  Roger Atfield.   Then, pretty much any trainer list with few violations who supports the Water Hay Oats Alliance, and those who support the Horse Racing Integrity Act.  

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From: TexSquared


After the disaster that was Santa Anita in the spring, it's amazing this has been kept quiet. TWELVE fatalities at Saratoga this meet so far?   In fairness it does say 4 were non-racing, but that still leaves 5 in training and 3 in racing action.