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More fatalities! What Now?   General Discussions

Started 5/21/19 by RAESFAN; 5429 views.
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From: Wintertrian


Another one walking away---Horse racing publicist for Pleasanton and co-host of the Daily Handicapping Seminar 

" The Reader's Digest version: I have serious problems and frustrations with the direction of the industry in all aspects.

I liken it to the movie "Titanic," with horse racing being the ship and I don't want to be Jack holding on in the freezing ocean while the ship sinks. I want to be in the lifeboat early on.

It's the most self-serving industry I have ever been a part of....."

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From: Wintertrian


Gerh said...

Now up to 30 and Stronach has banned Jerry Hollendorfer from its tracks.I guess they were not satisfied with his compliance with the new safety protocols

Don Chatlos listed as the trainer of Rowayton for the Dwyer Stakes on Sat.
Mr. Chatlos is also listed as the trainer for Brill in the Victory Ride Stakes tomorrow at Belmont.

Both are Hollendorfer horses as we know.

Neat trick, just fill out some paperwork and all your problems go away. 


From: Gerh


When the trainer is suspended,pass the reins to an assistant.What is the point of suspension if there is a loophole like this.I am probably beginning to sound like a broken record but my solution is to suspend every horse in a trainers barn for any violation by that trainer.This would include labor violations.It’s amazing that we have so much commotion about a Betsy Ross flag on a sneaker while backside workers are treated like sub humans by the horse racing industry and the country is ok with it


From: zowcownow


I watch a lot of Historical Horse Racing videos on youtube.  In my recommended video stream on Youtube - Racehorse Reality - popped up.   Its a gruesome video with a bunch of slow-motion replay of horse breakdowns.   Undercover video of  Steve Asmussen and Steve Blasi having a conversation about a few of their horses not being in good shape.  A slow motion video of a 2-year-old in training sales video breakdown.  Its some gruesome stuff -- but the conversations between the trainers and their staff is interesting.  The name of the video is mentioned above and it's on Youtube.  

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From: Wintertrian


I agree, "trainers by paperwork" isn't a good solution.

The problem is that unless the owners have a very active role and know everything about what is going on in a barn (and many do not as they trust the trainers in a lot of cases and/or they have jobs runnning companies, banks, etc. and don't know what "goes on backside")

I'm not sure it's entirely fair that trainer suspensions are going to keep owner's horses from racing. 

I guess you could say that owners need, then, to perform very careful due dilligence on who they place their horses with and not just go for the greed fast money etc. factor.  

If I had a list of N.A. based trainers I'd place a horse with, (the big names)  Graham Motion and Christophe Clement,  Roger Atfield.   Then, pretty much any trainer list with few violations who supports the Water Hay Oats Alliance, and those who support the Horse Racing Integrity Act.  

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From: TexSquared


After the disaster that was Santa Anita in the spring, it's amazing this has been kept quiet. TWELVE fatalities at Saratoga this meet so far?   In fairness it does say 4 were non-racing, but that still leaves 5 in training and 3 in racing action.

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From: Wintertrian


Another fatality at SA  this week (Zeke 4 year old gelding) from pelvic fracture on training track, had to be put down. 
BUt you really gotta laugh at the statement put out by SA, given the Justify thing: 


 Bolding mine.  :)

"Santa Anita will continue to work closely with the California Horse Racing Board and will continue to be transparent with our stakeholders and all of our constituents, including the public, as more facts come in.”


From: Wintertrian


That's because people using BSFs were unable to cap tracks that aren't dirt.  Even beyer himself.  

Truth is, horses don't care that much what they run on.   If synthetic (not tapeta) they have to like it.   Otherwise, turf, dirt, tapeta.... horses can run on this stuff and not have to love every inch.   People put far too much on this surface stuff.  


From: TexSquared


I know... horses run on turf, beach sand, "dirt" (which is mostly sand with other stuff in the mix), wood chips, gravel roads (as in harness racing), etc.   But when the predominant surface we race on, statistically has significantly more fatalities than the other surfaces, doesn't that call for change?

What's more important -- keeping the speed figure guys happy, or killing fewer horses? 

(I can hear it now... "none of the above -- zero takeout"...)

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From: Wintertrian


TexSquared said...

But when the predominant surface we race on, statistically has significantly more fatalities than the other surfaces, doesn't that call for change?

Yes, but the good ol' boys club that has controlled racing media for a long time, and many hard core gamblers who are their fanboys,  are not gonna go for that, which is why it hasn't changed.   I guess when they "age out" we might see some changes.