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More fatalities! What Now?   General Discussions

Started 5/21/19 by RAESFAN; 5443 views.

From: GamblingMel


The Thoroughbred-racing industry sends an estimated 10,000 horses to slaughter annually, meaning that half of the 20,000 new foals born each year will eventually be killed for their flesh.  How do you feel about that?   Maybe the entire sport should be shut down, why stop at Santa Anita?   


From: Wintertrian


GamblingMel said...

How do you feel about that? 

I've said many times how I feel.   You are never here for those conversations because you only peek in during TC season.  :) 

I'll be glad to tell you, link you to my posts, or you can just ask the *regulars* here who know my sentiments---we talk about all kinds of stuff year round here.  But not a conversation I'm wanting to have the day of the Belmont Stakes.  Thanks.


From: Gerh


Now up to 30 and Stronach has banned Jerry Hollendorfer from its tracks.I guess they were not satisfied with his compliance with the new safety protocols

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They teased that in the news, mentioning ahll of famer suspended.  Watch in hopes it was someone else.   They have to be drastic as they don't want the BC moved.  I've heard the decision on where the BC will be is the end of this week and it is pretty much a certainty it will be SA.  This latest incident happened after I heard that other news.

Another thing I heard, someone was mentioning seeing Justify at the farm after he was moved to stallion.  They said he looked really bad from all the drugs coming out of his system that they had pumped into him. 


From: Gerh


Don’t feel bad for Hollendorfer.He always struck me as a smug SOB.The guy can be downright rude when being interviewed.Now that they have gone this far,Maybe they could look at a view more super trainers.

I am really not surprised about Justify.When he was running he looked like Conan the Barbarian.Now I guess he looks like modern day Schwarzenegger 

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From: Wintertrian


Yeah, I remember Mickey Rourke's outstanding performance in The Wrestler. 

Life after steroids and performance enhancing drugs is not pleasant, whether you be beast or human. 

Lately, the way things have been going in U.S. racing (for 20+ years actually but the full effect had not dawned on me to the extent it has now) I was thinking about reincarnation, and started to squirm at the thought of coming back as a thoroughbred racehorse under this system, with all but a very small handful of trainers.  

That was a rather sad and disturbing thought, once I examined it.   


From: TexSquared


I'm sure you read this:

The punchline is right at the end... uh, maybe you shouldn't have taken them out in the first place?

Ms. Stronach also said that she would consider switching back to a synthetic track. In 2009, the last time horses at Santa Anita competed for a full year on a synthetic track, the fatality rate was .9 per 1,000 starts, compared with 2.27 per 1,000 starts in 2017.

“The numbers don’t lie,” Ms. Stronach said.


From: zowcownow


2008 - Betting The breeders cup at Santa Anita with its pro-ride synthetic track was hard.  2009 was even harder.  Yuck.....

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From: Wintertrian


No Tex, I didn't read the NYT article.  It always tells me that my limit for reading w/out a subscription has happened. :)  

As for the track I don't know if "the track" is the only problem or if it's a combination of things. 

Oaklawn has 3x as much rain in any given year, in 2018 we had 71.41 inches in 2018.  That's a whole lot.    I imagine that when they put in the dirt track they had proper engineering .... sort of like when you have  septic tank installed, you get perk tests and then make sure water is going to filter properly thru all the carefully designed "layers" designed specifically for that piece of land.   I suspect something wasn't done right at SA with the underlyament or SOMETHING.   I'm not an engineer. 


Watching the Hollendorfer thing unfold, whatever info that SA passed on to NYRA that made them reverse their decision on letting JH have barns/stall in NY must have been very damaging.   We won't know until necropsies and those will be tied up in investigations or court. So figure, htat means *never*.     6 deaths and all the broken bones.....Galilean no works since AR Derby, gunmetal grey and instagrand bone injuries, ..and many suspect that when necropsies are released it might be bad news.

(like biophosphonates)   Or it may also be that SA is forcing trainers to run horses to fill races when the horses should be staying in the barn.

Dr. Arthur and Dr.Bramlage have already written extensively on these drugs, and their side effects in horses, so I won't repeat it here.  Basically on xrays it looks like bone has filled in but the exact opposite has happened......osteoclasts are inhibited and so the bone is not filling in at all, it's becoming more like a dead tree trunk since cells can no longer replace themselves.

At any rate, there is no transparency at all.....nobody knows, because we are not being told the reasons for anything.  

One thing I know for sure:   I'm just not desperate enough for entertainment that I want to see horses harmed in the process.  Certainly not in numbers that don't make sense. 



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Will Call had a heart attack after the race at CD.  It was a very hot day for CD.    Another horse I jinxed, put him in the tri..   I was skeptical wondering how the heat would affect the horses.  Can't be good being on Lasix and running in the high heat.