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Royal Ascot Day 2   European Racing

Started 6/19/19 by TexSquared; 266 views.

From: TexSquared


Since nobody's started this one yet thought I would...

Stewards don't mess around... John Velazquez suspended 9 days for whipping violation? Wow....


From: Plus2lbs


Afaak, missed him running today..of course he wins at 20/1.....Afaak it.

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From: Wintertrian


I've been doing well at Ascot, feel spoiled now.   Beatiful racecourse, beautiful breeding on the horses, etc. 

Probably sit out racing til the breeders cup

Johnny V was an embarassment if you have to whip a horse more than 7 times at the end of a race, that is not a "good jockey" nor good riding, and it's the Ascot, not some bush track in the U.S.  or a Monster Truck meet.  These are living beings who are giving their all on 4 legs out there

It's pretty sad when an avid race fan like me starts to come to the conclusion that our racing is abusive to the horses and not sure I can get behind it anymore.  the doping, the over whipping, the lack of oversight and regulation.   I don't want to leave the forum since I have a lot of friends here over almost 2 decades, but I might just start my own topic with races that aren't in the U.S. or just wait til BC.   

I will still look at Tex and Cindy's photos, etc.  though 


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