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United Nations - Monmouth, Ohio Derby   Handicapping

Started 6/22/19 by zowcownow; 353 views.

From: zowcownow


United Nations -- always one of my favorite races of the year.   Something about J Bravo and Paco Lopez coming alive during the summer Monmouth meet.  

Friday was wet...very wet...2 races were canceled.   Saturday is dry dry dry.  

I was ready to pick Monarch Glen to win at a price.  Euro horse that has been looking for more distance and loves a wet turf track.  Alas, the track will probably be dry.  Might not be.....its early.  

So I'm taking Channel Cat (2) to win it all.  Saez and Pletcher combo.  Looks good.  

Bravo had Friday off and comes to the track in the 9th on Saturday I expect him to ready to get to work.  He's on the Bigger Picture (1).    So I'll take a 2-1 exacta box and see you at the window.  

Oh.....I'll make a 1Milllion show bet on Monarch Glen and hope we get wet track and 15-1 odds.  

As for the Ohio Derby ----  I'm sold on Owendale.  Never been to Thistledown....I'll put it on my bucket list of tracks to visit.  Well, that's my 2 cents....


From: ChiefsCrown


United Nations----Focus Group over Hunter O'Reily, straight exacta

Ohio Derby, dry track for the Toddster----Long Range Toddy, Owendale, Math Wizard, $10 straight trifecta

Good luck Zow!!!

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From: TexSquared


Photos from United Nations day at Monmouth:


From: zowcownow


Thanks for the post.  I love reading race instructions and feedback the jocks/trainers give.  Good stuff.  Still can't see Hunter Oreilly winning or getting into the money.  He does like to win on the outside but handicappers can't use that info very well.  Track was rated good.... a little moisture.