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July 13, Saturday - Stakes    General Discussions

Started Jul-12 by zowcownow; 379 views.

From: zowcownow


Hatoof - Arlington Park -- #4 Indigo Gin - Prat --- Go Prat Go! Bullet work -- like AP -- runs on lead--- Catch me if you can.  

Ontario Matron -- 8,9,10 exacta box -- #8 Katie Baby (Win) - I like Da Silva - Horse ready to roll after a nice workout on July 6 --  <Million Dollar Show bet > #10 Pamina -- Consistent Runner + Consistent Jock = big payoff

Arlington Handicap -- #7 - Great Day - Prat -- Gets some added distance gets a Jock upgrade -- 

Diana -- #4 Sister Charlie - She's the Champ......Great race -- 88degrees --- Will Mitchell Road pull off the upset?   No money to be 

Indiana Oaks --- #1 KimK -- Upgrade in Jock to Hernandez --- 

Indiana Derby --- #11 Mr. Money --  (Also entered -- Alwaysmining, Math Wizard, Long Range Toddy, Roiland, Gray Magician)  500K purse ---

Sanford -- #1 Memorable -- on the rail -- jock upgrade -- any one of these could win -- I'll take the 6-1.  

Glasgow  --  #11 Just Howard -- Cut back in distance --- 

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I like a More Than Ready three pack tomorrow:

1. Hatoof - Winning Envelope should give you better than the ML 9/2.

2. Diana - Rushing Fall is possibly better than ever. I love Sistercharlie, but I gotta stick with Rushing Fall to work out a ground saving trip on or near the lead.

3. Sanford - Tomato Bill at a possible price. He was fast early and very slow late in his debut. Hopefully, he wasn't cranked. Take them all the way, Bill! 


From: zowcownow


Here's my More Than Ready Indian Grand 3 pack - It could be a "meet me the windows - to collect" or "meet me a the bar - i need a shot " kinda bet. 

Indiana Oaks --- #1 KimK -- Upgrade in Jock to Hernandez --- (the Kentucky Oaks runners aren't anything special) I'm beginning to think Chocolate Kisses might be a better turf horse.

Indiana Derby --- #11 Mr. Money --  (Also entered -- Alwaysmining, Math Wizard, Long Range Toddy, Roiland, Gray Magician)  500K purse --- 3-year-old race.

Shaeffer Memorial -- #3 Silver Dust --- Kukulcan (the Mexican runner superstar15 time winner from 16), Flameaway, Title Ready, Casino Star - a few big name 4-year-olds.  Kukulcan fascinates me.   races




Two other More Than Ready colts are in the Shaeffer and the derby at Indiana. Title Ready has a shot in the former, and Frolic More moves up on an off racetrack. Both are decent runners, a cut below the better horses in their respective divisions. They could hit the board if they run their best race. 


From: twoshots


With four (of six) horses in the Diana Stakes trained by Chad Brown, and three of those with the same ownership, how were they all treated as separate betting interests? What makes it necessary to couple an entry? The way the race unfolded, those entries really appeared to "collude" to give the race to said owner/trainer. the #1 Thais was sent as a rabbit with a breakneck pace which totally blew any chance for Mitchell Road, a front runner and the only horse not in the Brown stable with any chance of winning.


From: Wintertrian


Pretty pathetic card, a 6 horse race with 4 Brown horses, the other stakes race was 5 horses. 
I don't even "look in" on stuff like that.  
I figured out that if you bet 4 horse $1 exacta boxes races 1-9, you'd come out exactly $17.00 ahead IF YOU GOT THEM ALL RIGHT.  Every single race.

At SAR, that's not enough to buy maybe 2 beers if you're lucky. 

But I agree w/you, it's ridiculous, same owners, same trainer, who put a rabbit in no less  who ran 1-2-3. 



From: zowcownow


Collusion between the top 2 older turf horses in a Grade 1 race?  I didn't see that.   I saw "Good track" and lots of speed and bet heavily on Sister Charlie.  3/1 on the exacta box with the Top 2 was a gift.  True -- Brown probably had input on which horse was sent to the lead.  I expected Thais with Blinkers to be not so high-strung - I blame the 11% winning Franco for that mistake.  

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From: twoshots


Any idea what situation requires a paired entry vs. individual betting interests? I thought the same owner and trainer required such a pairing (though I have seen exceptions). Is it up to the racing secretary for each race?


From: DogsUp


Enter .....NYRA coupled entries   into your browser.

The idea was to attract more runners into a races.

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