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July 20 - stakes - Haskell, San Diego    Handicapping

Started Jul-19 by zowcownow; 177 views.

From: zowcownow


Matchmaker - Monmouth 11th - 1 1/8 Turf -  #2 I'm So Fancy --- Quality runner and we get McCarthy who is a quality jock.  9/2  --- its a crime to take it but we will.  Lets play WPS on her and make her the 1Million Show bet -- Saturdays projected high 97 -- Yikes....

Haskell -- Monmouth - 12th - 1 1/8 Dirt -- #2 Joevia -- Yep classic Handicapping angle for a price -- shortens up in distance -- quality jock (Lezcano is on fire) -- and we have a bullet workout.  58.2 --- Max and Security and Joevia duel to the finish and Joevia wins by a neck.  

DaisyCutter - DelMar - 5F - #4 Painting Corners -- Lots of handicapping angles -- #6 - Little Bit of Me -- Rosario comes in for the ride -- This horse has a Good race/Bad Race running style --- well this is supposed to be a good race.  We get a quality workout around the "dogs" -- hoping for 5-1.   Lets take a 3,4,6 exacta box.  

San Clemente -- DelMar - 1M -Turf - #3 Mucho Unusual -- There is a reason Rosario came in for the day.....he picks up another win.  Added bonus he gets Race #7 off to rest.  

Other Races - 

San Diego Handicap - 1 1/16 dirt - #1 Catalina Cruiser -- Rosario in town for the mount -- Always liked this horse.  Not much Competition --- No money to be made -- Enjoy a beer and a hotdog -- 

2nd race at Delmar -- The All American Quinella or Exacta box -- #1/#2 American Anthem (Baffert) /American Pastime. 

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From: DogsUp


Scratched......Joevia IMO can't sustain the fractions to six furlongs.  This race should finish as they say like a merry go round. King for a Day's last work was a solid 48.1 breezing 9/86 others works are about 17 other AM workers.

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From: Wintertrian


This is a cluster of idiocy.  Monmouth should have cancelled due to heat like other tracks. 

Horses are administered Laxis early in day, and are deprived water after that.  Horses have already gone all day on a very hot day, I certainly would not be asking ANY horse I owned to run a race "a little later when the sun has gone down" after adding 4 more hours to their FORCED DEHYDRATION.  

It's cruel.  end of story.   I don't care what anybody has to say about it.   It's still hot, and they have already been hot and deprived of water all day.   



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