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Oaklawn raises purses again for 2020   General Discussions

Started 8/2/19 by Wintertrian; 303 views.

From: Wintertrian


I know it was always Charles Cella's goal to have the best racing program for 3 year olds in the nation, and it appears his son(s) will carry on with his wishes.   Now there will be 4 million dollar races, as well as bumps to a few others. 

As has been the case of late, I expect 8-14 horse fields.   


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From: Wintertrian


also did you guys know that Oaklawn is one of the few (maybe the only one now but I think there is 1 or 2 others) track in the nation that doesn't allow CRW's to bet into their pools? (computer robotic wagering teams).  This is good.


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From: Wintertrian


Oaklawn will never have a turf track as there is no where to put it, and nowhere to expand, being in the middle of a small city.  Besides it rains 56-75" a year here and mostly during the winter/spring. 

Why would you want to "join" a CRW?  They hurt the pools in a big way.  I guess you must "like" having a horse go to the gate at 4-1 and by the time the wagers hit the system your horse is down to 5/2.?     

And, you don't join a CRW team, you invest.  Most are offshore and they are people who are good at math, algorithms w/ software written by MIT grads.  They wager very high volumes.   


From: zowcownow


Sorry about my naivety on CRWs.  I just wasn't familiar with the term.   Found an article about it.....

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From: DogsUp


A computer software program will never have a feel for racing. A computer software program will not adjust for anecdotal information. Or earlier races results per se.

Casinos for sometime have provided fungible services or rebates. 

Basically their system is to grind it out, and perhaps...take a small vigorish rebate against money, however; that could be invested..easily and by far safer and higher returns. And less risk.