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Travers   Handicapping

Started 8/3/19 by zowcownow; 3803 views.

From: zowcownow


Travers States Futures longshots -- Verkoma +4000, Joevia +3000, Everfast +3300, Plus Que Parfait +4000

Interesting -- Omaha Beach +650.  Hadn't even heard his name mentioned all summer.   Is he being trained for the Travers??


From: DogsUp


I'll go with The Max is only 3 yr old with 2 Grade 1 wins.

Florida Derby, Haskell (win n in 2019 Breeders Cup Classic), and the *DQed winner. Of course Ky Derby.

Wests own Omaha Beach & Max Security. Dogs intuition would be not to run him against stable mate in Trav where Max could pickup 3rd G1.  And if by chance he was not DQed and won Travers, then won BC Classic..Mr West would (fill in the blank)

Hoofnote classic: Max 1st in Travers fouls Omaha Beach finishing 2nd and Stews take down the Max...all the way down. Maybe Wests go for the Dead Heat.

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From: Gerh


Omaha Beach is owned by Rick Porter.The West’s own Max and Game Winner.I will take Code Of Honor in the Travers

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From: DogsUp


Thanks. Usually yr to yr I can recite Derby runners by what they eat for breakfast.  Chapter and verse. Code of Honor was Johnny Vee's pick to ride in the Derby over another mount who also ran in that debacle. Really like his chances as well.

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From: Wintertrian


I'll take Code of Honor, too.  He made me $ in the KY Derby.  Besides Thunder Snow, he's one of my favorite horses, and as the Travers and BCC approach, CoH's breeding will start to really shine.   I still like Game Winner as well. 


From: Wintertrian


zowcownow said...

Travers States Futures longshots -- Verkoma +4000

I would take that NOW.  Hugely misguided numbers on him there, IMHO.  Late developer.  Would probably run in the trifecta if he goes.




I know his breeding doesn't suggest it, but Mr. Money is a dangerous horse right now. He has blossomed into a tier one performer, in my opinion. Could he try the 10f Travers?


From: DogsUp


This is going to be one hell of a Travers. As open and contentious as one could want. Surely will make up for a dysfunctional Derby that took the luster out of the 145 running.  Castellano tops.. has six wins. Arrogate  set record 2016..1:59.36.

The canoe painter had better arrive with about every paint color possible. (d)

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From: DogsUp


Last yrs Travers 2018, had 10 Cent Super pay $1,796.50.

That's not a typo; friend amigo Husker. 

10 horse field. "Equal Weights 126" . 

Pencil ready Husk...?

Okay play 4x4x10 $96 for $1, $9.60 for 10 cents

Five by five would be even better Delta conglomerate ticket.

Then 4x10x4.  Then 10x4x4. 

Top two betting interests ran out 2018. Last place finisher got 6 furlongs running 3rd, fav Good Magic ran 6th plz ish and turned up 9th. Catholic Boy oh boy won it.

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From: beachwood


Hi Dogs,  you have 4x4x10 that is only 3 lines how many horses do you put on 4th line??