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Started 8/16/19 by zowcownow; 189 views.

From: zowcownow


I've mentioned before, I like to bet on horses that have competent jocks onboard.  I also like to check the equibase number so see if certain jocks are winning more often than losing (well at least 25%).  

One interesting streak is one that involves Joel Rosario racing at Saratoga.  For the past week, he had an awesome success on his last race of the day --- he's 6 (4-1-1).  Yes this is small sampling but its pretty impressive.  During the early races, he plods along -- a few 2nds and 3rds.   His wins have been mainly in maiden races.  


Meanwhile, Flavian Prat has been on a bigtime losing streak all week.  He won 5 races (in a row) on Saturday.   He's 0-17 since then.  Usually, he wins at least 1 turf race a day.   

Finally, the name Nakatani sends tingles up my spine.  Kinda glad he's retired.  In the 90s, I'd goto OTB in Phoenix.  A middle-aged lady was obsessed with Corey Nakatani -- every race she would be on just him.  She slaps her program -- screaming NAKATANI over and over ....during every So Cal race.   The other side of the OTB had the "grays" groupies.  They would bet on every Gray horse in the program and let it be know to the entire place that one was running.   And if a Gray horse won that NAKATANI booted home it was really insane.  LOL 


From: DogsUp


Yes, the winning horses are both the horses the OTB winners and Rosario "get".


From: ChiefsCrown


Good story!!