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Jerks - Travers Stakes   Handicapping

Started 8/25/19 by Wintertrian; 253 views.

From: Wintertrian


I really hate seeing stuff like this. What a jerk. Professionals don't publish stuff like this. 

2019 Travers Field and Odds all the horses are listed correctly with PP and such. 

But he replaced Laughing Fox in the lineup as "Laughing Stock"? 

This wasn't part of the opinion piece. He actaully REPLACED the name of a horse in the actual field list.   Never seen ANYONE do this, ever.   So disrespectful to the field, to the lineup, to the horse, the owners and the trainer.   It would have been different if it was in his written opinion piece.........but he actually replaced  the horse's name.  Who does this?   

I tweeted him what a jerk he is-----you shoulld, too.  ;0

And hey, Jay Ginsbach , you picked the wrong horse to win. 

From: Gerh


The piece is garbage.When talking about CoH he says that he finished 14th in the Derby.He also states that a horse must be in prime physical condition when entering a 1 and1/4 mile race.Any athletes,be they equine or human,should be in prime physical condition when entering any race.Forbes should concentrate on what they know and stay away from horse racing


From: zowcownow


That's bad journalism.  Where's the editor or the proof-reader?  I hate stuff like this.  Laughing was mispelled.  

Years ago 94 Derby -- Blumin Affair had a comment that riled me.  In the comment box they wrote -- No Blumin way.   The Horse ran 3rd.  


From: ChiefsCrown


Read the article....Can't even say it was a misprint, not even close. No need to disrespect the connections or the horse in this matter. I wasn't on the Laughing Fox bandwagon before but i just jumped on!!