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Justify failed drug test in SA derby   General Discussions

Started 9/11/19 by beachwood; 2401 views.
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From: Wintertrian


Would not suprise me in the least.   The only people this will surprise are those who think the sport in the U.S. is *clean*.  

And I shouldn't, but I really don't mind saying this:    I have always had a good detector for "posers", so a guy who hides behind sunglasses most of the time, and is the perfect definition of the dictionary word "smarmy" and "narciscist" , in every way, made the buzzers go off for me a long long time ago anyway. :)  

The song-and-dance we got when the horse was having foot problems was just a prelude.  Because you literally needed music, and some tap dancers, in the background, it was so obvious, during that video.   :)   Remind me again about the horse's SHORT CAREER?  If that didn't set off any alarm bells for people I don't know what else would. 

People are easily taken in by those who have wealth and power and don't depend on their own intuitions.

That the CHRB let him get away with that cluster of dead horses from Thyro-L --- well they should have all been fired then anyway. And licenses taken away.  

the problem is that maybe some other deserving trainer and horse would have gone to the Derby instead .... but this stuff happens all the time in the U.S. version of the sport, where drugs are prevalent (and probably even undetectable in the feed) and there is no centralized body to govern it. 

Instead though, Joe Drape will be the one who gets beat up on.   On that you can depend.  

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From: Wintertrian


"2 months after the Belmont Stakes the CHRB held a closed session and decided his food may have been contaminated and closed the inquiry."

I guess they don't realize that drugs are no long put in with hypodermic needles, they are in the feed itself.   The feed guys are the new pharmacists often staying one step ahead of the testing technology.   

Guess we should expect that AP and Justify pass on their "stayer" genes to their them all turn out to be sprinters / milers. :) 



From: TexSquared


So the take-home message is, it's OK to disqualify a horse in the Kentucky Derby for good/bad racing luck (when it had never been done before).... but not OK to disqualify the Santa Anita Derby for illegal meds.  Amazing.

One of the things said at the Woodbine Mile post position draw by the Woodbine CEO is:  "There are always a few horsepeople always ahead of the regulator. The culture has been, if you can get away with it it must be okay. This has to stop."


From: Wintertrian


TexSquared said...

So the take-home message is, it's OK to disqualify a horse in the Kentucky Derby for good/bad racing luck (when it had never been done before).... but not OK to disqualify the Santa Anita Derby for illegal meds.  Amazing.

No, what is MORE amazing is this isn't like racing interference, where you move the horse from win position to another ITM spot. 

This is a drug positive.   DQ should be total ...... from the entire race.  SA Derby was a major qualifying race to get into the KY Gate.   Justify had only a maiden race and an allowance under his belt.   He had 0 points entering the SA Derby. 

Had he been disqualed for a drug positive he would have exited that race with 0 points.  

They stripped Lance Armstrong of his titles for drug positives. 

Some people were saying okay, the CRB should have just not swept under the rug, showed that split samples for that drug are more common than we think, showed prior examples, blah blah blah and said it was not cheating but a "simple contamination" and should have just revealed this to the public.  

WHat?????????????  This opens the door for ANY trainer, in ANY points qualifying race to do the same thing.  Drug their horse, then try to say the food was just contaminated.   

And, I bet they will now.   Esp. if they have a board like they do in CA who will look the other way.  This board is like a mafia protection scheme......"don't worry, you do right by us, we protect our own".    They protected him with the 7 dead horses, they protected this drug positive as well.  

Now it become more and more clear how Justify was never going to hold up to racing long-term.  




From: Northof64


And will any reporter ask Bob the tough questions at the BC and or will he not allow those questions or will he just duck the BC now.  Loser


From: Wintertrian


I was hoping he'd be in jail not the BC.

After they knew the rules had been broken, that Justify had tested positive, the CHRB  lowered (!!!) the penalties for this substance.  

Yes, hard to believe.  

This happened to McAnally and Mandella, long time ago, and their horses were Disqualified from the race entirely


From: smartyslew


Baffert trains horses for people on these California boards and this has to stop.

I suggest everybody read the whole article in the NY Times it screams the  changes

that needs to be changed.. here is one piece:

Joe Gorajec, a former chairman of the Association of Racing Commissioners International, a trade group of industry commissioners, said the system was doomed to fail in California and other states in which the regulators are in business with the people they are there to police.

“Minimal prohibitions should preclude active horse owners, trainers, breeders and jockeys, or anyone else that derives income from the business, to serve on a commission,” said Gorajec, who was executive director of the Indiana Horse Racing Commission. “Commissioners should be prohibited from wagering in the state they serve.”


From: smartyslew


all those years we had this nailed on this site and Crest coming up with Bafferts secret sauce

that gets the formula improved each year. this is just one ingredient in the special sauce imo.

To me this is not a Triple Crown Winner and the Apollo curse is still in play and Justify's win total

is zero and all of those purses need to be returned to the rightful winners.

all purse winnings of his returned and Baffert and everyone involved barred from this Sport for life.


From: Gerh


Not only do they fail to disqualify the horse,they fail to disclose the fact that he failed a drug test.I guess we were expected to believe that Justify having an equine Arnold body was totally natural.


From: ChiefsCrown


Had Justify been DQ'd from the Santa Anita Derby w/0pts he would've had to run in the Arkansas Derby the next weekend to qualify for the big dance.  A DQ to Justify would have got Catholic Boy in the KD.

Just my opinion but horse racing is in need of a governing body with a commissioner.