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Justify failed drug test in SA derby   General Discussions

Started 9/11/19 by beachwood; 3067 views.

From: TexSquared


PISTOL9 said:

And speaking of Runhappy, I was sick of all the Runhappy stuff on Travers day, then saw it heavily at Kentucky Downs. Just how much money are they making on that horse? That is another I would not breed to.

What would be truly ironic is if they shuttled Runhappy to the southern hemisphere and he picked up this sponsorship:

The Runhappy Melbourne Cup

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From: Wintertrian


Gerh said...

was a little skeptical of the contamination story when I saw he had 3 times the threshold.To be honest,my immediate reaction was “how much did he eat”

Here's the deal with all this.  

It doesn't MATTER if the "contamination" was intentional or not.  A result for a banned illegal substance was found in extremely high amounts.  And was swept under the rug.  

Now, what about the safety of all the other horses at SA?    A contamination level of that magnitude, if you read the studies, coming from bedding or feed SHOULD HAVE triggered a broad and widespread announcement, to every barn and every horseman at SA ......becuase it's not safe and it's not normal. 

BY covering it up, the CHRB acted irrecponsibly and negligently toward all the horses stabled under their care and premises......and if indeed, it wasn't intentional, but that level of contamination is coming from feed or bedding, then the supplier of said materials really needed to be contacted, informed, questioned, investigated, and more tests done. 

HOw can anyone NOT see this?    

So, yeah, we also need to know what the levels were that the other horses tested had.  

Any horseman who had a barna and horses around that time there should be livid, however.  There was zero regard for their safety when all this was swept under the rug.  Zero.  

Again, 4x over the level, which by the way, in Australia, would have been 12x the acceptable level!  Yet nobody was informed????????

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From: TexSquared


Just wanted to mention that I did not delete any of the posts in this thread.  I do not know who posted them but whoever did, deleted his/her own posts.

I did have 1 post filtered out by the spam filter. 


From: Plus2lbs


I have deleted one or two of my posts..

I know what your thinking..

"Should probably delete the lot of them".

I'm my biggest thinks

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From: TexSquared


Plus2lbs said:

I have deleted one or two of my posts.. I know what your thinking.. "Should probably delete the lot of them". I'm my biggest thinks

Wasn't thinking that at all. I do the same all the time on another forum (not for racing) I'm in...   

I just wanted everybody to know I wasn't deleting posts.  That's one thing missing here, I wish the forum would say if the post was deleted by the poster or by the moderator.  Otherwise some might think I'm doing all of it...

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From: Wintertrian


so somebody saw improbable in paddock on sat, said he looked very "dull". 
I've seen a lot of baffert horses, up close and personal, and they NEVER look dull 

Feed change maybe?   
And then, Game Winner is suddenly sick and sitting out rest of year, as well as Marley's Freedom, both were pointing to the BC? 

Nobody finds this ODD?


From: Gerh


I guess the good old boys are thinking Bob is having a run of bad luck