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Mongolian Who?   Breeders' Cup

Started 9/30/19 by RAESFAN; 1524 views.



I had never heard of this horse or his trainer(not that it means anything), before the Awesome Again. Enebish Granbat? maybe you guys can tell me something about this guy. This horse that has run out of the money in half of his 16 races, while only winning 3, ran the race of his life Saturday. He got a huge number, far beyond anything he's done before. Did he run his BC already, or can he match that performance in a month? He certainly won't get that easy lead again now that everyone knows he probably won't stop. Interesting Classic coming, especially since the three year old, Code of Honor(Winter's boy) showed to be at least the equal of the best older horses out East. Will Max make the BC and try to take them wire to wire? Getting excited here, especially since More Than Ready will have at least two nice ones in the baby races. 


From: Plus2lbs


Trainer won a BC race few years ago, at thinks




I was familiar with the horse, not the trainer.  I did give the horse a good look in the Pac Classic.  The AA snuck up on me and I did not see till after that they were running it Sat.  Great to McKinzie get beat.  not enough jimson? or saving that for the next one?  Have not see fig from the race  I have not paid much attentions to times this year, not that great compared to pre deaths.


From: DogsUp


Not to take away from the win by Mongo, but this runner had one horse hit gate in small field and a weight concession.  They will most likely stay with jockey in B.C. classic, not trade up.  Most significantly, 6 furlongs on the lead at 1:12ish. At the Mile tick off 1:37.  And just opinion, dirt surface may have been slow. But..Santa Anita is site for B.C. 2019.  Give you that. But I don't think the B.C. Classic early runners will squeeze out early fractions as noted above. More like 1:10 and 1:36. IMHO.  Unless the early cards show this dirt surface trait on a consistent basis.

Leading to the B.C. The full 2 days a coming, Dogs will scope out how runners perform from one track surface to another...dirtski.

Again, a win is a win in the Awesome Again.

Hoofnote: Mongolian not B.C. an early nomination. Connections will have to pony-up $200,000 up onto the table. This is an interesting wait-and-see. 3/5 they will pass. Other: About $800,000 was bet on entire race.

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From: zowcownow


Abel Cedillo was the key.   1st year in So Cal and he seldom got great horses.  He's a quality jock who always gets the most out of his horses and brings home a lot of long shots.  He won John Henry turf  and the Zenzatta stakes on Sunday.  He had a great weekend.  

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Thanks for the info guys. Dogs, I think the track was playing slow based on other race times this weekend. He got a 110 beyer. I know he will be challenged on the front end in the BC.

As for the supplemental fee, I’m sure they will pay it and try for a once in a lifetime win. Selflessly, the Miss Grillo winner, will also have to be supplemented.

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From: ChiefsCrown


Ganbat trained i think it was either the BC Turf or Turf Sprint winner Mongolian Saturday either in '14 or '15....BOMK.




So he is the primary trainer for Mongolian Stables, where all their horses have that in their name?

EDIT: It seems Ganbat is related to the folks at Mongolian Stables.

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From: ChiefsCrown


Enbish Ganbat is a good friend of the owner who is from Mongolia. They have a few Mongolian namesakes e.g. Mongolian Groom and Mongolian Shopper. Loved Mongo Saturday as i made a few dineros hitting the trifecta  in the BC Turf Sprint race in 2016.

Mongo Groom might be a good longshot play in the BC Classic at a big price.

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From: Wintertrian


Mongo is a 10F horse I think.  If there was no other quality speed in the race, I would probably take a shot on him.  In this field, probably not.
If Vino is chalk, and you wanted to take a risk, you could play mongo instead.   They remind me a little of each other, actually.  Mongo is a bit faster, Vino can go a bit longer.  It's a "pick one" situation.  I don't feel very confident that we are producing many true classic distance runners (and the ones that are are not being trained for the task which they probably COULD do). 

My heart pick is CoH, my longshot would be Math Wizard.  Probably only watching this race for my above mentioned reasons.