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How can I avoid online betting restrictions?   General Discussions

Started 10/5/19 by rob1552; 474 views.

From: rob1552


I live in Arizona which has restrictions on online betting.  I've searched and searched attempting to find a betting site which might enable me to avoid the Arizona restrictions, but to date have been unable to locate one.  Am now betting with Twin Spires where I must phone in all my bets.

Does anyone know of an alternative that would allow me to get around these restrictions.  I'm aware that this is a tough challenge.


Rob in Arizona


From: TexSquared


Restrictions meaning won't accept your bets if you log into their website from an Arizona IP address (but they will by phone, despite you having an Arizona address/bank account)?   Answer to that is either a VPN or a proxy server. 

However, it may well be a restriction to all Arizona-based account holders, so even if you did try a VPN and spoof it so it looks like your computer was somewhere inside Kentucky (or you travelled to Kentucky and tried to log in from your hotel room), it still won't allow it. 


From: rob1552



Exactly right on all points.  I also tried ExpressBets but they rejected me when I tried to use a friend's Oregon address.

Very frustrating living in Arizona with these kind of restrictions.

Anyone else have a possible solution.

Meanwhile, thanks, Tex.


From: DogsUp


Offshore websites 


And a site named BetOnline

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From: beachwood


Hi,   i would stay away from those off shore betting places they have a lot of bad rules, in the 2011 belmont stakes i hit the 1.00 super 3-2-5-6   ruler on ice was 1st he paid 53$  i should have won 37,000  but the off shore betting place that i made my bet only pays out a maximum of 15,000 i lost out on 22,000$




I ran into this when I went  to NC.  I was thinking they would prevent me from even betting down there, but they did not.  I originally signed up when in KY, so I did not move residency and kept my account in KY.  So they did not prevent me from betting from IPs there, but would not allow me to sign up with NC address, and would stop me from betting if I changed address.  I can see them preventing from using your name in a different state as they can track that via info you use to signup.  About the only thing I can think of  is using someone else to handle your bets that you know and trust.  They would be responsible for any tax implications.   So all that gets tricky.  I know of people who put bets in for others on their own accounts, cashed tickets for them. 

The tax stuff makes me wonder if ten percenters are still around?    I was thinking tax changes may have eliminated that practice.