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Euthanized racehorse dumped at landfill?   General Discussions

Started Oct-16 by TexSquared; 538 views.

From: ChiefsCrown


Doesn't surprise me at all seeing it happened in West Virginia. 


From: Wintertrian


It's not like this is the first time. 

This horse ran 73 times and earned almost $400,000.   

But nobody can spend a few hundred to give him a proper death/burial.   why are there not funds put aside for this?

This is digusting.  But of course it will be all about PETA having it out for racing, not because racing keeps doing this stuff.....and this is NOT the first time a horse or half dead horse from a race track has been found somewhere it shouldn't be......landfill, side of the road, horrific kill pen, god knows where else. 

They need to close the track until a full investigation is done. 

And how many times did the feds go to Penn Nat'l?

for god's sake, if they won't do the right thing for the horses, at least do the right thing for the honest people in this sport, because right now, it's looking like a sewer, from the topmost famous trainers to the bottom --- in other words, it doesn't seem to matter, but somebody needs to make a concerted effort.  

I'm pretty close to out for all practical purposes.  I am quite sure I "can't be associated" with all this stuff anymore.  And I certainly cannot support this industry with my money.   They better get their act together.  How many years do we have to keep having this conversation???

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From: Wintertrian


And by the way, this horse had a name.

RIP Bridget Moloney.  She was an 8 year old mare who took a bad step.  (that may be a nice way of saying she wasn't sound the way things are in the flipping game of claiming races.) 

she put in her time from 2013 to 2019, running 73 races, with a jockey on her back.  Lifetime earnings of almost $400,00.  Earned the hard way, in claiming races. 

I'm sorry, Bridget Moloney.   I'm sorry nobody thought you deserved better than to be tossed in a landfill.  

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From: Gerh


I have to think that it is only a matter of time before horse Racing is banned in this country.The powers that be just don’t care about the horses.Most of the people who have a conscience have left the sport already.


From: zowcownow


Dumb x 1000.   I'm sure there is a protocol that exists when a horse dies at the racetrack -- either running in a race, training on the track, or freaking out in the stall.  Someone dropped the ball on this one.  You would think the trainer would make a call to the "disposal" department and inform the owners of the status.    A horse that runs 70+ times is probably a pet of the owner and they wanted special arrangements made for a grave at the family farm and the logistics of getting the horse from the track to the farm were fowled up.  


From: Wintertrian


zowcownow said...

A horse that runs 70+ times is probably a pet of the owner and they wanted special arrangements made for a grave at the family farm

IN the original article the reporter was unable to even obtain  a WORKING phone number for the owner. 

So I somehow doubt this.  

Either that or Mountaineer keeps really bad records and/or owner didn't update with them. 

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From: Wintertrian


Look, finding a horse in the wrong part of the landfill isn't as *heinous* as other stuff that goes on.  However, they didn't even remove her racing would think the groom or vet or somebody who works with the horse would have done that before throwing her on the truck?

That same night, Sophie Got Even, who was purchased as a broodmare, made her 1st start since June 2014 in a $4K claiming event. 

October 14 at Mountaineer, 9 year old mare Little Red Diamond made her fourth start of 2019. Prior to her first race of 2019 in August,  she had not been seen at the races since October 22, 2014.  Her record for 2019 is beaten 84 lengths in those 4 races. 

On October 15, rescuers pulled two of Burton Sipp's horses out of a kill pen --- how many does that make for him?  It's almost constant!

As bad as all these cretins are, just as bad are the apologists, fans of the sport who blame everything on PETA and/or keep making excuses for how things are. 

Because unless we speak out, the festering cretins who operate like this put all of us, fans and hardworking honest trainers at the tracks, and all those who make a living doing anything related to horse racing (photographers, grooms, figure makers,  ticket tellers, track maintenance, etc.) all suffer greatly.  

We need to close down these tracks if they can't get rid of this rotting smelling gangrene ridden part of humanity operating there. 



From: Gerh


Agree with you 100% Winter.People can criticize PETA all they want but at least they keep animal abuse in the public domain.The problem with horseracing in this country is that the industry isn’t capable of policing itself and there is no interest in doing so.