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Horses I'm watching this week   General Discussions

Started Nov-8 by Wintertrian; 1135 views.

From: Plus2lbs


GP R1 #5 Awakened

Just had a quick look, had to look away...

Scary good..12/1 60mtp. Might need one.

Contentious race,  should be quick.

I like the #6 Sag Harbor 7/1... at the post.

Off 8/1.. Missed break..gained 3rd behind fav's.

Check next..

R2 #5 Disc Jockey..4/ the post

Blitzed to the top..runs up the score..

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From: Plus2lbs


GP r3 #3 Bourbon Wisdom. 7/ the try

Some nice races today..


Odds on 1st time starter on the rail, Pletcher and all..

I'm hoping Landeros can redeem himself and get off the schneid here..#8 Chill Haze..6/

Ex with Pletcher

What's is he doing?...

I don't wanna know

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Why am I feeling Bodexpress for the upset in the Pegasus at 30-1? I believe this is a very talented horse that had a tough 2019. I expect big things from him this year!


From: smartyslew


Somebody savvy we both know made this observation...... "I know how GS plays.   But these horses are all going to be running off lasix.  There's no way you can even use
pedigree or even past performance in that kind of situation.  I expect that you'd do well with putting some big longshots into your exotics. 
i'm passing on it."

Very good observation....  I'll add if one was to play this day,one should look for entrants that have raced without meds that might be useful if you can find them..


From: Plus2lbs


Money rider Joel Rosario in town.


From: Plus2lbs


Went wit h #1 True Timber


From: Wintertrian


Bodexpress ran okay then faded.  I thought he could hang on for the superfecta or even the tri, with the natural speed he has.  He just reminds me a lot of that one lukas had, that was a perpetual teenager......even in the post parade Bodexpress still looked like he wanted to "play not race".  I dunno, that is just the body language impression I always get of him. 
He MAY be a later developer, we will see.  
I do find him utterly delightful though.  

Tax was the only one in the race who had ever run w/out lasix and did well. But that was a long long long time ago.....once on lasix for a while you can't really undo it.   So as a capping angle, it wasn't a good one.  One of the reasons I l left Tax off my ticket is that I have a formula I use that has to do with works and races over x number of days and I like to see how much a horse has been 'standing around the barn too much" over a period of 3-4 months.    (As you know I mess around with this angle for the KY derby, too).  My thought being that fit horses win G1 races.  In this case it worked well.  And it worked in the smarty jones.   It helps me narrow down the field a bit.  It doesn't always work though, just like nothing can when you are dealing with drugs in racing.  It would work great otherwise, I think!


From: Gerh


Did not like the look of this race at all.I think True Timber and Seeking the Soul ran in Dubai so I would assume they were lasix free but didn’t run well.Throw Baffert into the mix and the race becomes tough to handicap.Would have loved to see Gunnevera in there.




You may well be correct. He just looks to me like a very talented horse. I was hoping he would take back and not chase so aggressively after the pacesetter. Mucho Gusto broke on top and then willingly gave up the lead. I don't know if Jaramillo is in the class of the big boys yet.