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I have been posting Daily, however I don't think my PDF's are loading   General Discussions

Started Jan-5 by JRR (sidwisc); 150 views.
JRR (sidwisc)

From: JRR (sidwisc)


I have been posting Daily, however I don't think my PDF's are is today Sunday.. : )

Are They Loading???


From: Wintertrian


This batch showed up.   The problem is that you are posting as your website / owner, not as an individual. 

I guess I don't need to explain to you that unless  you are paying our Admin to *advertise* your picking service, that posting your website on our board is a conflict of interest.   Our board is individuals posting picks under our board's name.   

Basically, by including your "for pay" website on the PDFs, you are advertising your service here, and that is not allowed.  

Do I really need to explain this???   

Take that part off your PDFs and I'm sure eveyrone would love to interact with your thoughts.  

And for the record, nobody here needs to pay for picks.  IN the past we've had members bring down $100K TC superfectas and the like.  That's why the board gets crowded during TC season.  

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JRR (sidwisc)

From: JRR (sidwisc)


Thank you, I would be more than happy to post a a user and not JRR : )