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Kentucky Derby 2020 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 2/3/20 by DogsUp; 59638 views.
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From: DogsUp


39 days til 146th Kentucky Derby. And by the way:

The current launch NASA date is set on 30 July 2020 at 11:50 UTC, where the positions of Earth and Mars are optimal for traveling to Mars. The rover is scheduled to land on Mars on 18 February 2021 at 20:00 UTC, with a planned surface mission of at least 1 Mars year (668 sols or 687 Earth days).

Now that's a long furlongs trip! Splits measured in 280 days.


The Tiz the Law workout says (audibly/the interview-Says A lot. (d)

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From: DogsUp


38 days to Derby and still a number of in the bottom 20 might get knocked off the shelf on the point roster.

OK...Dogs posted the TizTLaw video twice above.

T w I c e.

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From: DogsUp


37 days til Derby. Get a little serious at 30 days out and very all in about 15 days out. 

OK. Trainer Barclay Tagg in the video (above) is asked to rate the workout of Tiz the Law. He responds. Then starts talking about his competitor trainer and how much faster his steads would work. He names Bob Baffert.

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From: Gerh


Still not guaranteed a spot.If he couldn’t hit the board today,he should regroup

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From: DogsUp


26 days til Derby. The last Six 6 ML public Favorites Won the Derby. *DQ 2019 Maximum Security. Seven years ago non-fav I'll Have Another won. Connections owner, trainer and jockey returned to their next Derby (included in above 6) and won again.Nyquist. Now...

Tiz the Law looks and performs as prohibitive favorite. And I'm reminded of a blogger here who had his own blog based on breeding/handicapping complete with videos and his opener was: (in January).Why American Pharoah won't win the Derby.

Well, the Dogs is off his chain and collar. The math above including the significance of a DQ to get a bad beat ticket..the math and there is math in music, art and the hard sciences..and feel though for the numbers. And with all do respect 

Tiz the Law does not win the 146th - 2020 Kentucky Derby. (d)

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From: princeofdoc


Hope you're right, Dogs!  I think he'll be the biggest favorite we've had in over 40 far.  Did look tremendous, certainly, hoping that Pistol is right with Art Collector.  He looked good today, pretty easy race, won't take anything out of him for the Derby......I had the tri cold, and was quite happy to see Attachment Rate come 2nd, as he was my shot in the top 10 thread, and I have him at 150-1.


From: DogsUp


The once a year Derby player (and there is a ton of them) will have TizTLaw a Rock Hard Ten bet.

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From: DogsUp


Back to those connections of late winning 2 Derbys. There was Tim Tam/Iron Leige.A kinda connections in Riva Ridge/Secrtartiat (special extraordinaire). And as mentioned I'll Have Another/Nyqist. So is it like the chances of rolling box cars..two same dice. In a row. Or what the occurrence of a race's outcome with 20 runners as 3 yo many months later than the prescribed first Saturday in May.

Commonalities in the potential of winning of two Derbys by same connects are in the case of Tiz the Law's predecessor Derby winner Funny Cide the same individual purchased him at auction was an additional factor. Owner Jack Knowlton for Tiz/Cide. And trainer Doug Oneil's brother Dennis for Another/Nyquist.

Knowlton picked 2 NY breeds to boot.

I do remember noodling the chances of the 2 in a row I'll H Another/Nyquist both having the same jockey who won aboard his first ever Derby mount. Again?

To be continued..(d)

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From: DogsUp


No Infield..No General Admission at the K D Y. Usually if late-in big single whale bet come in via a remote one.