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Kentucky Derby 2020 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 2/3/20 by DogsUp; 59999 views.
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From: DogsUp


Maxfield worked a breeze 3 fl on Feb 17 @ Palm Meadows. His first in several months off. 

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From: DogsUp


Recent turf writers' vanity ranking has Tee Tee Law and Baffert's babies atop the scoring. Dogs Delta pick - Maxfield - they claim maybyish, but has spent too much time snoring. Yet the Delta is always used to just keep the potential of future 2020 Derby scoring. 

That is, come the first Saturday in May; who's going to be roaring. And those that may have fell in love with the suppose to dos..a can't lose winner and picked it in February..find their losing ticket quite boring. Causing them to seek a bridge; instead of a mooring. Or grabbing a scotch and keep on a pouring. It takes months til Derb's Eve to execute ticket construction adoring.

Til down the stretch they come..and have one's ticket and colts are soaring.


From: Plus2lbs


Til final 1/8 and colts are faltering..

Out of the clouds comes the dark horse circling..

The crowd grows quiet..everybody wondering..

Who is THAT horse?..The one still running..

He swoops on the leaders and they can't do nothing..too much horse and jockey pumping.

Just in time..with his nose on the line.

U look at your ticket..

 Is it a Pick of thine...

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From: DogsUp


You look at your ticket and have the Super cold..

What could be better.. you have it 10 times cold

Then the board lights up...Inquiry..Claim of foul..

Ah zhit..hope I don't need a crying towel

Stews look at the photos for something aggregious...while I start praying to the good Lord and Jesus

Wait..I got em all boxed..why am I being a whiner...

They can move one or some of my horses up..then it's a signer.

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From: Northof64


But wait they moved him to 17th!

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From: DogsUp


Cafe Pharoah ranks # 4 in Derby Points. Is 2 for 2. Perhaps the owners contemplate wait-see as other 3 yr old Derby races offer high point numbers. Or if they ship and even take a second in 100 PT races; that's 50 pts. Also to be considered is runners who say get the leftover 50 pts have?connections that don't go forward due to $ or their runner lacks the class raise for Derby.

Anyone have stat for youngest age of sire to have a Derby winner?

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From: DogsUp


Monday Feb 24 . Maxfield worked 4 FL at Palm Meadows. Last work and first from long layoff..Feb 17th. 3 FL @ PM.

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From: DogsUp


A side trip here to biggest purse Dubai + world offers..the obvious...Max Security..yet, grooms a flying with unfateful Derby DQed star say!?..he only ate half his grub out of his well as aqua in first overseas extended flight. Still the obvious Delta. Yet some ticket construction for let's call it the "What If Delta". That be: Benbatl....Godolphin gang ponies up this 6 yr old who until his last race on the very same track as Saturday offers...Dirt...and won at mile 3/16th...was a career turfer.

Reminders of Animal Kingdom switching surfaces in mid stream for Derby dream. And..and his last and only dirt Dubai found him fuzzy changing leads on dirt. Yet a very fine time..and this race shorter at mile 1/8th.

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