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Derby Future Pools - any takers?   Triple Crown

Started Feb-5 by TexSquared; 1981 views.



Got $20 on Wells Bayou at 60-1.

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I was hoping that the US bred Japanese horse, Cafe Pharoah, was listed as an individual entry. I know it's Japan racing and we don't know what he beat, but both his starts were impressive for different reasons. He's faced some adversity early in his career, and won easily.

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From: Wintertrian


They should actually refund the futures bets.  

Instead, CDI will keep running more of those bets. 

All Others is looking good right now........I would have to have inside information from the barn to know which horses maintain condition easily and which ones don't.  

I remember Harty had the absolute worse time keeping Colonel John in condition.  

Reason I understand this, and "latch onto it" is because I have a form of arthritis that makes every day Groundhog Day.   You guys, you go to gym, you build up your muscles, etc. and they eventually get stronger.  Me, that doesn't happen....I get micro-tears.  My body does not hold condition.....thus I get de-conditioned quickly, so I have to walk, do pilates, do some weights or band resistance exercises every other day religiously, otherwise I'll be stiff as a board and/or not have strength/stamina.  1-2 weeks off would turn me into a newbie couch potato starting their very first fitness routine.  

I imagine there are a lot of horse athletes out there with arthritis, but I can't compare it to the kind I have, since I have never heard of a horse having what I have.......but I believe that most all arthrititic things are "in the same basket".  

Just sayin' it will be NO SMALL FEAT to keep these athletes in condition for an extra 4 months, when their campaigns and works and all were planned out so carefully to peak at a certain date in MAY, not September.   

Even keeping them in one piece is usually hard.  LOL



From: DogsUp


Hi..I just wrote in my Derby blog about this..lost it.

I think Sept is a Churchill biz forecast. Their thoughts that somehow the show must go on. Present info looks like No juleps, red roses and the pit in my stomach, hard gulp in my throat... I'm all in on my decisions as to what is about to transpire when 20 gates open. Add a good puff cigar and it is probably how astronauts feel after months of training at blast off.

Regrettably variable present data..appears a longer haul then Sept. And the world publics would be out of the woods for  taking chances in mass gatherings.

Churchill will want the 5 day Derby week gig at their digs. 

Here in NY State..big city NY Mayor wants to get aggressive about public gatherings and Gov says can't do it. Curfew etc. drumming..cancelations, racing ditto..Spring is coming __(d)

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From: Wintertrian


My only thought again is that these will not be the "same" horses they would have been in May, by september, 4 months later.   

Are there any prep races besides AR Derby that are going to take place?  (I'm hoping that one goes).  If not, most of these will be dope-sick if they're not being tested out of competition, etc.  Remember Big Brown.  He had a heck of a time coming off his dope.  

And, you can rest assure that Baffert horses and others will "hit the shed" way before there is a Travers.  So I can't imagine what kind of Travers we will have?


From: Gerh


Now that the Sunland derby and BG are off,they may be able to add Indiana,Oklahoma or West Virginia derbies into the mix


From: DogsUp


In addition to Churchill Downs relying on the Derby (cards) week income; that week generates $800 million for the area.

A factor of the industry is that purse monies are generated through the respective casino. And they are being shutdown during this epidemic.

So a factor that even if races are conducted without attendance, conditions could yield low or no purse availability.

Many 3 yr olds that do not have a grade one win can still qualify at the lowest of conditions. 

I haven't made a bet this year, so I'm not versed on the affect of what casinos shut down.

And consider what connections will just go on hiatus or just fold in this zero sum game business. But they may see smaller fields and jump in for a hay+barn paycheck.

Casinos in NY closed,malls, restaurants-take out only (coffee ships) bars +.

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Husker (Birdman506)

From: Husker (Birdman506)


DogsUp said:

I haven't made a bet this year, so I'm not versed on the affect of what casinos shut down.

Online casinos with virtual currency (bitcoin comeback?) to fill that void?  With purses consisting of virtual currencies?  The Outer Limits makes a comeback. :)