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What the....   Triple Crown

Started Mar-16 by Plus2lbs; 176 views.

From: Plus2lbs


Move the Derby....whwhwhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaat the....
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From: TexSquared


Even more annoying is that NBC and one specific college football team dictated what date(s) they could run it:




My first thought it was UL you were meaning which made sense due to the proximity to CD.  But ND?   That sounds like NBC totally dictating it.  The city of Louisville has a little bit to say as well as they have to accomodate those fans and they get a ton of money on all those events leading up to the KD.  I have got to think that will take a bih hit as well this year.

My first thought on the date was the effect on the Travers, that is 1-2weeks apart?, completely messing up both of those races as I am sure some will point to Travers.  It will also mess with the BC with the TC pushing into it, will take a few away from both events.    Tough for a horse to go through all those.

Myself, I will be much less interested as with additional races, we will know much more about the crop by that time.  More time for BB to get a few jimsoned up.   I have not heard, but I hope they refund and restructure their future pools, but I have doubts they will.    I only bet pools 2-4 (except sire pool)  you an get a feel as to those pointing to KD, but not a race in Sept.


:  If they keep the current futures, Maxfield is looking good if you have them.  I bailed on him due to the tight schedule, except as couple excatas.

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