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Florida Derby - Shivaree   Handicapping

Started Mar-29 by zowcownow; 251 views.

From: zowcownow


Just looking at the PPs and trying to figure out how an 80-1 horse ran 2nd.    Once read that great betting angles,  when betting young 2 or 3 year old horses are the addition of blinkers.  Sometimes the "subtraction" is a winning angle.  

Not bragging that I nailed the $94 exacta or I had bet 1000$ to place and won 20,000$ (40$) place.   

Just a bunch of pluses in this horses corner....---quality jock in Jaramillo (racing on his home track).   The horse had had a quality workout w/o blinks....47.4.  Stretching out to 2 turns....

Good race......   


From: DogsUp


Blinkers 1st time is a big deal. Especially if the PP shows the runner (usually a maiden) got out of the gate fast, lead, then became mush, once the runner saw other horses.

Third time back (to racing again) third time on a drop (in class /money) equally as good. 

Adding the speed rating + track variant of contenders not shabby.

a la DRF

Longer races see where runners are at 6 fl. Front runner or closer..can they make a race out of the company they face today with the expect early fractions that are most likely.

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From: princeofdoc


Congrats, Zow!  Next time do post prior to the race, so we can all either root or participate in the investment....