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Self Quarantining ...   Off Topic

Started Apr-9 by Husker (Birdman506); 926 views.

... doesn't mean you should isolate yourself from this forum.  I have yet to read about anyone catching coronavirus from reading/posting.

(I just want to see if this forum is still active).  Anyone have any personal stories to share.

I will start.  We normally migrate from Nebraska to Arizona at year-end and return by mid-April. this year we returned on April 1st so as to be nearer our home base (and physicians) should that become necessary.

 That and the place where we spend winters had basically shut down.  While take-out food was available and the walking weather was great, that wasn't enough.  I normally walk about 4+ miles daily (Fitbit contest with my brother-in-law) and enjoy hitting golf balls at the nearby (walking distance) driving range.  The walks were great (not hilly), but the driving range was nearly abandoned - not so much fun.  Also, many of our winter friends from Canada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Dakotas, etc. had left for home.

When we left AZ it was 76 and upper 60s in Nebraska.  During our second travel day temperatures dropped from the daily high of 38 In Colorado Springs to a steadily dropping 20 through western Nebraska accompanied by freezing drizzle that coated our vehicle.  It was so much that it covered the cruise control rendering it not functional.  Although I80 became slick for a 10-mile stretch between North Platte and Kearney, driving the 75 mph speed limit was OK.  We did have to pull over 6-7 times to scrape the windshield with a credit card as the defroster, windshield wipers on our rental Nissan Rogue weren't up to the task.

So much for that.  The next day our thick coating of ice on the car and driveway melted, and back to normal for Jekyll-Hyde Nebraska springtime.

We've been going through our 14-day stay-at-home routine for what is now the seventh day.  Plenty of groceries and toilet paper here so no problem.  With network TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime this TV watcher has been (re)watching the Bosch series along with West Wing.

No Coronavirus issues with us so far.

Anyone else have a more exciting story (it won't take much)?


From: twoshots


I'm still checking this forum as part of my stay-at-home routine. I am seriously missing basketball and baseball on TV, thus I watching horse racing as much as I can - I don't subscribe to TVG but have a cable package with FS1, FS2 and NBCSN, all of which have been airing live racing on the weekends. Trouble is, the channel guides are not updated any more to tell you when racing is on. And Fox jumps around from racing on FS1 to FS2 and back, so when I record successive 1-hour blocks of programming, I often find that instead of racing I have boxing or Nascar, neither of which interest me. Oh well. I am intrigued at the tracks that are still running. I don't consider them essential, but will take advantage of the entertainment. In particular I find it odd the Golden Gate is still running even though California is on shutdown, including Santa Anita.

More generally, I am also walking 4+ miles a day. I'm in small town Ohio so keeping distance from people is usually easy when out exercising. So far, most here are not wearing masks or bandanas when out exercising. I hope it stays that way, as the distancing policy in place seems to be working to a degree.

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From: DogsUp


Tried to upload some art work. Even went back to my Kdy Derby Diary and deleted some uploads. No go.

Yah know I could just start as a new poster.

Broad Brush

Arts & Letters

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Husker (Birdman506)

From: Husker (Birdman506)


I watched Arts & Letters run at Santa Anita back in 1970.  I know he won the race and think he defeated Majestic Prince, but I might not be remembering correctly.

He was a magnificent four-year old!


From: Wintertrian


More stories later, I have a whole OP card to cap right now. 

I live in one of only 4 states in the entire nation where our gov has not issued a shelter in place type order at all. 
there are still clothing stores open here from what I hear.  who knows, his idea is so many workers are essential and going out every day anyway, a few hundred thousand of them.  says people should practice social distancing, wear masks, etc. and they should be depending on their own behaviors to do so.......problem is I see so many idiots out there doing things in "groups".  So I don't know what will happen.  :) 

So due to the sloppiness of all this let's  just say that I really AM staying inside a lot.  But I'm busy!  I have 4 boxes of books to read, (no TV), my oaklawn crowd on paper contests so I gotta cap 4 days a week, and all kinds of cooking from scratch going on, which is time consuming plus all the dishwashing involved 

Other than solitary walks I'm not "going out" except to drop something in a mailbox from my truck window, or grocery store.

And, it has been raining a lot, like it always does in AR in spring ....

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From: Wintertrian


you can host your artwork on a photo site then upload the link here?


From: Northof64


Was going to turn in my retirement papers on 3/31 but now I have delayed it. Been working from home for four weeks now. I have a small apartment in the city I work but go to my 11 acres and retirement home every weekend in northern Wisconsin. Don’t go anywhere or stop anywhere.


From: DogsUp


Hope you enjoyed the holiday. When Husker reached out, I sat in my car, had just bought a cigar, lit up and began to be chatty and then the whole thing got moderated. Poof gone  What? Nothing illegal or immoral happened with me and those 17 women who found out the party was on as I won a half million on a 50 Yez 50 Fitty cent Pick 5. 


From: DogsUp


I really have a core trust with the crew here. But I never got into social media posting. Cause of Confidentiality...Dogs here, me, is in-cog-Neet-though here. 

Willing to email them. But glad now that my first 2 months of art and first showing was not so public.

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