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Started Apr-20 by DogsUp; 501 views.
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From: DogsUp


The Belmont Stakes day. Where does one play a Horizontal bet. Final pick 4 leg. Races 9 - 12. 

2 runners×1 Tiz the Law×2×8 (maybe there were up to even 9 that would have chances to win in State bred only, restricted, and a $56,000 handsome purse rewarding New Yok' home breds. 

Seven of 12 races the betting favorite won. And a fav hit 2nd.

2×1×2×8 $48 for $1 ....$24 for 'fitie cents. Paid $440 ish for 50 cents and the 2nd placer over $600 for fitie.

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From: DogsUp


(Traditionally and other than this year) A 3 yr colt/philly must win the first 2 legs of the Triple Crown in order to attempt a run for the final installment and the longest distance of the 3 as is the Belmont Stakes. 

And in prescribed time Derby first Saturday in May.

Following 2 weeks Preak.

Three week break, then the long ball 11/2 miles Belmont.

And little opportunity or practicality or necessity to run in between to run in say the Travers or Haskell. Say Blue Grass.

Now we have the Belmont Stakes in the books and it Was A point race. And more point races until Sept Kentucky Derby. So no matter how one cuts is obviously not the same standardized point formula to arrive within the 20 gate Derby.

Ergo, forwardly, colts with enoug qualifying Derby points who do run in between races of the Crown markers, and should they find themselves badly for any reason will likely be wrapped up and saved for the Derby.

Me 'not owner. Me 'not trainer. 

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From: DogsUp


Sometimes a horse running his finest race from gate to wire just doesn't deserve to get beat at the wire. Deserves to get the final inchy-by-inchy nose photo at the wire. The Met Mile at Belmont is this week.

In 2012 Shakelford with Johnny Vee inheriting the mount due to reg jock injury runs outrageous fractions in arguably one of the best visual races.

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