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Happy Derby D....   Triple Crown

Started May-2 by Plus2lbs; 392 views.

From: Plus2lbs



Two derbies for the price of one..

Hope there is massive pools.

Best o'health

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From: DogsUp


A viral, ah virtual digital Derby..but the only game in town.

Tri..Two key horse-z: BIG RED and full back style runner Seattle Slew. So BR + SS/2nd entries/3rd entry selection. And the BR + SS are both included underneath. Then.. 2nd hole horse 1st/BR + SS in place slot/third.

Advisory: I washed my hands and wore my mask during ticket construction.

And NY State has a ban on construction until May 15.

But this is a take out (the pool) to go baby go tik.

Best to all (d)

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From: Plus2lbs


Stop the thinks I hear a Whirlaway warning..

definitely rider claim of foul.

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From: DogsUp


There was a claim of foul. A jockey tried to photo shop the stretch run. An electric buzz apparatus was found and there was about a half furlongs dubbed in.

Really...!  With all the information and history..Secretariat should have gone to the lead. Left the twelve others in a different Kentucky zip code. And one by the same # of lengths as in his K Dy.

I watched a replay.

As they say in sports:It was like kissing your sister. Ahh mine, not yours. 


WADR to the question what did I think of it? I don't.

Time again to ramp up a new BigDogsUp Kentucky Derby Delta Diary. I'll start by jogging in the AM. I do not take any prescription drugs. I'm watching my diet to find a mare so I'll carry my Derby weight. The weather Upstate NY allows me to handle a sloppy track. We might get last snow this week. And right now I'm washy it is so hot. Slight back ache so I will steam it once the Vet opens my health club. Indoor track for rain outs. They don't put the Dogs Up however. Add oat meal, corn, molasses, whole wheat bread, mints, and dig out a French recipe that has the word grasse' in it.

Might visit the eye doc to change my shadow roll lenses. And lastly I buy summer sandals or flip flops as they would give bad footing. Lastly, the sun in Sept will not be shining on my Old My Old Kentucky Home as it would be in 1st Sat in May.


From: zowcownow


Imagine if you will, the Arkansas Derbys being the actual Kentucky Derby and Charlamaen turning into the homestretch with a 2 length lead and Nadal looming and overtaking Charlamaen in the last furlong.    Baffert rules the day he should,

Wonder if it was raining in Louisville this past weekend.   I'll have to check the weather.  Seems on Derby day, I always would prepare for a fast track and rain gets factored in somehow.  




No rain, beautiful day 80 degrees sunny,  some rain during the week, not  bone dry, fairly firm lawns, typical spring sunny day.

Jimsen has been known to work wonders.


From: Gerh


Baffert also has Authentic and Cezzane ( about a month away from a start).I guess the jimsen is flourishing in Cali this year

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