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Virtual Triple Crown race on NBC today 5/2/2020   General Discussions

Started May-2 by PatrickPremo; 285 views.

From: PatrickPremo


I trust that most of the readers of this forum saw that NBC was going to show a Virtual race featuring all 13 Triple Crown Winners today, May 2, 2020.  It went off at 5:45pm on NBC, following their look back at American Pharoah's Kentucky Derby win back in 2015.  I can't argue with the results of the virtual race (after all there can only be one winner, assuming no dead heats).  But the lead up and post race coverage were absolutely terrible.  They could have provided info about each horse prior to the race, highlighting each horse's career, at least mentioning the name of the jockey for each horse, but nothing like that.  After the race was over, other than the top two finishers, we don't know how the others finished (I think I know who was third, but I am not sure).  They only showed the race once, which was disappointing.  Nor did they give us the time of the race.  A second class performance by what I always thought was first class network.

Any comments by anyone?



From: smartyslew


There horse racing coverage was never top class network, They were interested in wining a emmy

for the pundits storys like Bob Costas spiel in front of the twin spires during the post parade or

interviews for there own entertainment...Many cappers on here are not a fan.

I like the real deal Leather saddles for me, i don't like plastic. lol  

no offense, thanks for asking..


From: PatrickPremo


Thanks for your thoughts.  I was trying to be diplomatic!   :)

It is too bad that they did not devote at least a half hour to the concept -- might draw some more people into the sport if they knew something about the TC winners.

And the way things are going with the coronavirus, there might have to be viral BC races!!!

Take care -- and stay safe!


From: Gerh


Have to agree with Smartyslew here.I didn’t even tune into their coverage;I watched the race later on YouTube.NBC never pay enough attention to the horses imho.Too much fashion filler and pictures of Baffert and Pletcher looking into the sunset.Every year they miss opportunities to introduce the sport to new people

In reply toRe: msg 4



I ended up seeing the virtual race because I met with some of the regular people I have been doing the Derby with lately.  We used OP Ark Derby day as the Derby day.  I bet very light relative to Derby day, minimum bets and no spreading, only couple of win bets on some price horses.   Once they announced they were moving the KD to Sept, I really stopped paying attention.   And in September, I figure I will not have any great interest in the KD since we will know a lot more about all the horses by then.  Although I might pay more attention to some of those minor Derbies in the summer. 

On that virtual race, they should have at least produced a chart for fun.  I looked at equibase and they did not have anything.  My exacta was Secretariat / War Admiral.  I did not see all their leadup, just once the race started as we were paying more attention to Oaklawn.  That was a great move by Oaklawn, moving those races to the first Saturday in May, too bad no fans could attend.   I am curious how they handle was, I can't imagine a whole lot of people did what we did and used it as a KD replacement.  Weather wise, it would have been a great day after several years of wet Derby/Oaks days.  That probably means a wet day first Saturday in September. 

After seeing those races and others, I'd say Nadal would have been the KD winner if it had ran as scheduled.   His granddam is very solid. I thought he was BB best early on.  Has that TF of my fav KD winner, same position (fifth).  Probably one of the stronger ones BB has had at that level.  My concerns were Pulpit as bms.  Blame was not a big plus nor a big negative for me. and relative to other horses I have looked at, I really have not seen much better from the TF aspect and overall pedigree. 


From: Gerh


Hey Pistol.Hope you are keeping well.Everything seems pretty crazy this derby season.I am not paying as much attention to the horses this year but tend to agree with you about Nadal.I also like Sole Volante but I have no idea where he is going to run next.


From: PatrickPremo



I was disappointed with the presentation of the Virtual Triple Crown races -- not the race itself or Larry Collmus' call.  But the pre Virtual race could have given us some info on each of the horses, including highlights for the more recent horses where footage exists.  They could have talked about the great jockeys.  AFter the race, I was hoping they would run it again, but no luck.  And I really agree with you that a race chart would have been a nice touch.  I  too have looked around to see if one had been prepared, but I have found nothing.

Did you know that a radio broadcast of another fantasy race was presented the same day?  Collmus called that one as well; it wa 20 of the greatest Kentucky Derby winners of all time.  I have  link to the broadcast if anyone is interested.  It is an hour long with commercials and very well done.  No race chart for that either!  :)

The way things are going, there may be virtual Breeders' Cup races in November.