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Under the radar for Derby   Triple Crown

Started Jun-17 by princeofdoc; 1957 views.

From: princeofdoc


How can he be listed in the Futures Pool if not nominated?


From: DogsUp


Click on KD website.

See click future races PREPS..shows points

Click horses ..see top 20 pointers and the rest.

A colt in a future pool, in this case the Derby and questionable why in was probably added due to a bettor wanting to bet that horse in the pool.

Also. A horse not yet nominated to the Derby. Then earns points to be among the 20 is qualified if he pays the late supplemental fee. $200K.

$25K enter..$25K to run

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From: smartyslew


I think his Sires first crop. Thats been done before.




I did not realize this was Liams Map first crop.  LM does not appear to have ped issues 5N 3Ps rf to Ta Wee and in his tf.  Double MrP S bms lines, not sure of those stats on that, I know the non MrP SL are propped up with a MrP BMSL

I am thinking from memory that Nyquist and Always Dreaming were first sire crop winners.

Post Bluegrass:  second 3rd in a row and not finishing well, so probably did not get any stamina passed on.  Was worth a shot at 100-1 and may actually have points to get in at least.

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From: princeofdoc


Impressive debut, certainly, but I can't see how he can be ready for the Derby.....he'll have to ship to either run in the Ellis Derby, or the Travers, and come in 1st or 2nd to qualify, and then enter the Derby in his 3rd start.  If he's that good, maybe the Preakness....


From: princeofdoc


We'll see how Art Collector fares this weekend.....I'm hoping he fires!

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From: Wintertrian


took a look at the bluegrass and realized I didn't "have a clue" so will not be playing that unless lightning strikes and I wake up with a horse nameon the tip of my tongue..   last time I had a dream like that it was Ice Box winning the FL Derby and that paid very well. 

I think I told you guys back then that Zito had a dream about the race beforehand as well, a deer ran across the track or something like that.  I thought it was weird that we BOTH had a FL Derby dream .......usually I don't have racing dreams.  That was the last time I actually did have one. 

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From: smartyslew


I don't know if attfield will ever put him on the dirt.i think he is worth following anyway.

Shirl's Speight is racing at woodbine today race 3 Marine stakes g3 8.5 furlongs 3 yr olds on tapeta
he broke his maiden in his first race by 8 lengths on the turf ,but he trains on the tapeta.
his trainer is the highly respected Roger Attfield who doesn't push his horses first time out.
I think this 3 yo is worth being on your watch list