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Shared Belief at Del Mar   Triple Crown

Started Jul-26 by princeofdoc; 236 views.

From: princeofdoc


Well, last chance to qualify on the west coast, and Baffert has 50% of the entrants.....Not sure of his strategy, as only one can win, and Honor AP is also in the race.  Uncle Chuck, Cezanne, and Thousand Words.....I suppose if Cezanne wins, Chuck comes 2nd, and Words comes 3rd they can all qualify for the Derby.  That's a big IF though.....

What do you think is his strategy here?  Why wouldn't he travel to Ellis for that points race?

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From: princeofdoc


OK, someone showed Baffert my post.....realizes now what a poor strategy it would be, so he is shipping Uncle Chuck to run in the Travers, a race where he probably can qualify for the Derby more easily......a 1st or 2nd place finish and he's in definitely, and probably in with a 3rd place finish.

Dodging Honor AP too!

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From: princeofdoc


GREAT race in the Shared happy Baffert will not get Cezanne into the Derby, running DFL.  Sorry, friends, but I have a slight Baffert bias, though Thousand Words won, he knows that horse will not win the Derby.  Now, hopefully Uncle Chuck doesn't hit the board at the Travers, leaving an improbable Authentic of his stable as the top horse.

On the other hand, and excellent ride on Honor AP by Smith, not at all cranked, yet easily finishing with zest, the probable favorite on the first Saturday in Sept., pending Tiz the Law's performance next week....


From: ChiefsCrown


Glad Thousand Words won and is in the derby. I was on this colt early on w/ Tiz and Ny Traffic for the derby. 1000 Words reminds me of this years Improbable, definately doubt he wins the derby but gets ITM. 

Honor AP didn't need the race, seemed like the trainer used it as a paid w/o. That being said i'll be using him in my derby supers.