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Derby Top 10   Triple Crown

Started Aug-1 by princeofdoc; 2970 views.

From: princeofdoc


For as long as I can remember, we've had a top 10 or top 20 for the Derby.....I know it's been a difficult year, but let's play anyway!

1) Art Collector

2) Tiz The Law

3) Honor AP

4) Max Player

5) Country Grammer

6) Authentic

7) Uncle Chuck

8) Caracaro

9) NY Traffic

10) Attachment Rate

My picks are most certainly biased per my futures tickets, top of which I have Art Collector at 33-1, but my optimism notwithstanding, I still think this is a list mixed with complete shots and faves, worthy of consideration :)

A couple of these are quite uncertain to make the gate, the others are obvious.  My list will have changed after next Saturday, so be courageous and post prior!


From: Wintertrian


I used to have a list,.  Not sure about this year. 

Will try to come up with one before Sat.  

Good luck w/yours!




I haven't been as focused this year, but here goes. (1 and 2 are the only ones in order):

1) Tiz the Law

2) Art Collector

3) Honor AP

4) Authentic

5) Uncle Chuck

6) Thousand Words

7) Country Grammer

8) Sole Volante

9) King Guillermo

10) NY Traffic


From: Gerh


1. Honor AP

2. Dr. Post

3.Tiz the Law

4. Sole Volante

5. Art Collector

6. Authentic

7. Thousand Words

8.Ny Traffic

9.Max Player


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From: DogsUp


For the Dogs, it is a bit early to begin arranging the potential 20 gate charges for Roses Review.

From a handicapping and window appearance and window return come when the runners are released for arguably the best race of the year. 

A case in point was California Chrome Derby.

A late scratch allowed me to stick in Commanding Curve on the eve of Derby final answer night handicapping and ticket construction. Two other horses in the Derby had beat CC.

Once one really gets on a horse too early it's hard to back off. Sort of daughter is the best. No matter what.

So what happens. One reads the colt is not eating out his tub and his works are slow. In defense one says ..He wasn't hungry and they are saving him and he?didn't have an AM work horse to give him challenge and trainer X knows what he's doing. And to get off one's "can't loose bandwagon causes self doubt.

I pray for others intentions.Even you Husker.

But I pray for rain on Derby day as much as the infield crowd does. The wet and mud 'brings the crowd together." Side note.

So if track comes up wetsky..along the 2 minute tripski, Mother Nature adds water and weight to horse, saddle and jocks. Makes for good betski. colt to hit the Trio board..Delta of all definitely in at this momento..Max Player. Same for this Saturday's Travers.

Joel Rosario,Linda Rice. Comes from a family of long runners..A P Indy, Seattle Slew, Big Red..





My list is usually very short, I only got one for the win this year, not really big on the sire and some of the BMS, but compared to all the others:  Art collector is  the only one on my list, tf is nice.  Tiz. I have thought all year Travers was their goal.  The group already have the other big races, now I would guess a date at KEE is tops rather than KD or PS  TC is not comparable this year.

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From: Wintertrian


Updated 8/18: 

4 horses I like best:
Attachment Rate   
Major Fed
?Honor A.P.
Sole Volante

Art Collector
Tiz the Law
Thousand Words
NY Traffic
Enforceable/Authentic: Enforceable hates slop, so that will be an easy toss if muddy, and Authentic may be Practical Joke?
Caracaro- suspect due to SAR souped up speed track 

I dumped Dr. Post and Max Player for the time being.  Got to do more research on them. Will have to see how everybody does at CDX and if there will be slop or not on Derby Day.  Then it will be time to sluice down to 5 or 6 horses. 

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From: Wintertrian


I don't know about Sole Volante. First of all he's a gelding.
Then, he missed the Travers and is now training on turf, working superior numbers. I have a Sole Volante/Dr. Post because I may have to replace Sole. I'm getting a feeling that thi one is going to scratch late. You just cannot expect to win the KY Derby with absolutely no race *recency*. He won't be fit. Fitness wins races, but for a G1, its entirely necessary. But I will leave him for now, based on a number of factors.
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From: Wintertrian


also heads up......I would go way passt the present derby leaderboard, because there looks like a number of defection could and probably will happen.  Like I said about Sole Volante. 
But here are others:

 Swiss Skydiver, 40 points: The filly that finished second in the Blue Grass Stakes likely will start in the Kentucky Oaks.

 Rushie, 40 points: Not Triple Crown nominated, will have to pay the late nomination fee.

 Storm the Court, 32 points: On Sunday, the Breeders' Cup Juvenile winner switched over to turf in the La Jolla Handicap (G3) at Del Mar. He turned in a solid performance and runner-up finish, so his connections might keep him on the grass.

So that's 4 past the cutoff already ont eh leaderboard where  youhave to look at those horses.  I think I'll be going to 28 horses in my next round of "top ten". 


From: chroses


Winter - I believe Funny Cide was a gelding?