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Confused Baffert   Triple Crown

Started Aug-10 by princeofdoc; 485 views.

From: princeofdoc


Well the pandemic has not been kind to Baffert.....he couldn't understand why Cezanne ran so poor, and he is even more confused about Uncle Chuck, who he compared to Arrogate.  Perhaps he is now recognizing he is mortal?  And that he must try harder, scheme more practically, and possibly consider himself quite lucky regarding his previous world-beaters...

Uncle Chuck was in no way ready to compete for 11/4 miles against that crowd, over 3,000 miles away.  Not enough racing, conditioning, common sense.....would've been much better off trying the Ellis Park crew, not as far away, not as long, and only really Art Collector to contend with.  Hubris.

Now he has Authentic and Thousand Words, neither of whom I hope reach the winner's circle in Louisville....just hope the other two can recover from the unrealistic schedule an over-optimistic trainer put them on


From: ChiefsCrown


Thousand Words best finish will be a 3rd or 4th (2020 version of Improbable) Authentic will finish up the track from the lead pack....jmo!!

Uncle Chuck never got my attention for betting purposes. I think Baffert was leaning heavily on Nadal for this years derby.

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From: Oldbettowin


Baffert seems to be just kind of going thru the motions this year.  I don’t think he believes he has much of a shot.  


From: Wintertrian


Oldbettowin said...

Baffert seems to be just kind of going thru the motions this year.  I don’t think he believes he has much of a shot.  

And see, that's precisely why I don't like him.  He's not a trainer, he's a syndicate now anyway.  But you know how many patient small barn trainers do NOT just go thru the motions, because they have to eat and pay bills, and they aren't given stars, so they "work" at it because maybe they'll get a decently brilliant horse like once in a decade..and they have to invest in that. .  Baffert just doesn't do that.   If he doesn't have a star, the horse pretty much gets ignored, and he stops talking about them. 

Quite frankly I have no idea what to do with Thousand.  I keep thinking board hit.  His odds will be better than they've ever been, and maybe the distance will do it for him.  He just looked in his workout like he was not exactly skipping over the surface.  Like he's lost interest the same way his trainer has lost interest in HIM.   Interesting thought. 

I REALLY need to get some PPs.  I don't even know what any of the odds are!!  (I never look at odds).  Off to find some tonight. I, assume TW odds will be much higher than they should be though.


From: Gerh


After the Haskell,he said that Authentic just lacked focus but he has been putting long works into him on a regular basis ever since.Looks like he is trying to stretch his stamina.No idea what he is doing with Thousand Words.He seems to be trying to teach him to rate but the presence of Geroux says they are going to send.


From: Pedigreestar


In My Opinion Authentic can win Ky Derby.  Tiz The law is good but can be beaten at the wining post  
 Enforceable and NY Traffic are other long shots good for place and combination tickets 

Based on my Pedigree Analysis


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