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Is there a betting service that doesn't track your every move?   General Discussions

Started Aug-13 by rob1552; 175 views.

From: rob1552


I live in Arizona which has so many restrictions on wagering that there's only about three tracks that I can bet.  Add to that that I can only place my wager via phone.

I know that I can open an account through a friend who lives in another state, but I'm informed that the major betting services utilize equipment that can tell if you cross a state line.  They function much like the National Security Agency (NSA).

I'm looking for a service that isn't quite as zealous as the Big Three.

Any suggestions.  I don't want to go offshore, but I will if I must.


Rob in Arizona


From: Wintertrian


Short answer, no. 
Best to do is give a buddy who plays a lot some $ to make some bets for you using their own account.

Otherwise your stuck with having your AWD on speed dial for phone bets in AZ 

Otherwise, the main guys are gonna lock you out, based on state restrictions, which are impossible to get around.  As a matter of fact, your bank or credit card may even deny a deposit into an AWD if wagering is not legal in your state, unless it's just to make phone bets which are legal in some places but not actual wagering thru an AWD interface like twinspires, etc. 

You could always .........move.  :)